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November 13, 2018

Red and green? We’re campaigning to change Christmas’ official colors to red and white. Show the wine lover on your list that you appreciate their generosity—and their generous pours.

1. A wall-mounted opener that pop bottles in one easy pull.

Made from a reclaimed wine barrel, this opener makes un-corking quick, so you can get to the good stuff already.

One-Pull Wine Bottle Opener – $125 Buy Now »


2. Socks that broadcast your beverage needs.

Put these cozy socks on, prop your feet up, and wait for a filled glass to magically appear.

Please Bring Me My Wine Women’s Socks – $14 Buy Now »


3. All-natural soaps with notes from your favorite varietals.

Lather up in chardonnay with hints of citrus, pinot noir paired with plums, and two other delicious blends.

This was the perfect gift for my wine connoisseur cousin who is hard to buy for. Sure, I could get her another bottle of wine, but these were the perfect addition. She loved them!Just Pam, Springboro, OH

Wine Soaps – Set of 4 – $28 Buy Now »


4. An artful keepsake made of corks from unforgettable nights.

The birthday Burgundy, the anniversary Syrah—these memories deserve better than the kitchen drawer.

My fiancé and I drink lots of wine during special occasions. In the past, we just threw away the corks. Now we can look at the wall and relive those memories just like they were happening.Aye I-o, Lansing, MI

Wine Cork States – $35 Buy Now »


5. A dispenser that gives boxed wine a classy upgrade.

Keeps what we love about boxed wine (bag, dispenser) and upgrades what we don’t (the box).

Absolutely beautiful. My mother tells me how much she loves it all the time!TMB, Berlin, MD

Wine Dispensing Sphere – $65 Buy Now »


6. A license plate that keeps your wine cool.

Because the love of your state runs as deep as your pours.

Custom State Plate Wine Koozie – $40 Buy Now »


7. A wine stopper that celebrates your birth month in style.

Made of hand-blown glass, each vibrant stopper celebrates being born… and opening a third bottle.

Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper – $24 Buy Now »


8. Proper wine glasses that stick into the sand or grass.

Stake your claim to a spill-free, unbreakable sipping experience.

Wine glasses are usually so inconvenient. Just the design says spill me. Not these! They are easy to poke in, and come out of the ground smoothly as well. Looking forward to a beach trip with them.SherryB, Illinois

Outdoor Wine Glasses – $22 Buy Now »


9. A tote that makes moving wine essentials a breeze.

Taking the party outside (or in) is as smooth as a nice chianti with this hand-woven caddy and glasses.

Woven Wine Tote with Glasses – $40 Buy Now »


10. A one-of-a-kind party platter that was once a wine bottle.

Wine bottles get to join the party once again, this time as servers for your party snacks. Cork-topped cheese knife included.

Recycled Wine Bottle Platter – $24 Buy Now »


11. Small-batch preserves that pair fruits and spices with reds and whites.


Go sweet or go savory, then go spread these on everything: cheese, baguette, or the best PB&J ever created.

Delicious! I gave both sets to friends who love wine. They both loved the jellies and they have so many uses.Jen, Flagstaff, AZ

Wine Jelly – Set of 2 – $15 Buy Now »


12. Freezable “cubes” that chill your wine to its ideal sipping temperature.

Help prevent senseless warm wine tragedies—these’ll keep the Chard cold and the Merlot like it was just plucked from the cellar.

Wine Pearls – $25 Buy Now »


13. Wine glasses that turn sipping into a symphony.

Pour to the desired note, run a finger around the rim, and admire your first-chair sensibilities. Freebird!

This is an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates music and wine. It adds a whimsical musical dimension to any social gathering.Mary, Kalamazoo, MI

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses – $65 Buy Now »


14. Towels that offer 3,808 possible pairings for wine and food.

Does Pinot go with pesto? Will Merlot cut the mustard? Only the towels will tell.

Wine Pairing Towel Set – $28 Buy Now »


15. A wine rack made from a ski that’s taken its last run.

Each is one-of-a-kind, making it a lovely Swiss chalet-warming gift. Just be sure to invite us, too.

Snow Ski Wine Rack – $58 Buy Now »


16. Cork-inspired candles that turn wine bottles into warm lighting.

Light all 12 at once for a dramatic dinner party scene, or one at a time for some date night romance.

Wine Cork Candles – $20 Buy Now »


Browse more good stuff for wine lovers here »

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