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Sale into Spring with Our Favorite Wallet-Friendly Designs

February 28, 2017

Sale into Spring

The word on the street (and on our sale page) is that we currently have more than a hundred uncommon goods available for less than their original prices. Each of these items is unique and was brought into our assortment for being extra-special, but we’ve decided it’s time to play favorites. Why? Because with so much great stuff on sale, the choices can be a bit overwhelming. So, to help narrow down the selection, the blog team picked a pile of our most-loved goods from the sale list.

Under $10

Bull Terrier Socks - UncommonGoods

These super-cute socks are super worth five bucks. (And your “dogs” will look darling in them.)| Bull Terrier Socks | $4.99

Mini Stegosaurus 3D Model Kit - UncommonGoods

Stegosaurus went extinct about 145 million years ago, but its cardboard counterpart is still roaming our assortment…for now. | Mini Stegosaurus 3D Model Kit | $6.99


Paper Print Tea Towel - UncommonGoods

Paper towels aren’t very eco-friendly, but these cotton paper towels are another story. | Paper Print Tea Towel | $9.99 each


Drinking Decision Coin - UncommonGoods

Decisions…decisions… Picking the perfect beverage to imbibe isn’t the toughest choice you’ll every have to make, but it’s definitely not always easy. Take the guesswork out of your next happy hour and save the contemplation for trickier situations. | Drinking Decision Coin | $4.99


Under $25

Women's Modern Art Socks - UncommonGoods

Made in collaboration with the esteemed Moderna Museet museum in Sweden, these socks allow you to add the styles of Calder, Picasso, or Miro to your already artful wardrobe. | Women’s Modern Art Socks | $14.99


Chocolate & Roses Teas - UncommonGoods

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, it’s officially treat yo’ self season. Indulge with these hand-blended black and white teas – the black includes real chocolate pieces, and the white is made with a blend of rose buds and petals. | Chocolate and Roses Teas | $14.99


Hand Carved Wooden Pedestal Jewelry - UncommonGoods

Put your best baubles up on a pedestal – a sustainably harvested, handcrafted wooden pedestal, that is. | Hand Carved Wooden Pedestal Jewelry Stand | $19.99


Reversible Block Print Tassel Table Runner - UncommonGoods

Spring tablescapes will be well-suited to this bright, block printed table runner handmade by artisans in Northwest India. Simply flip it over for a whole new color palette and you’ve got two for the (awesome sale) price of one. | Reversible Block Print Tassel Table Runner | $24.99


Crystal Ring Holder Dish - UncommonGoods

House all your precious gems in this equally precious dish fashioned after aquamarine crystals. | Crystal Ring Holder Dish | $18.99


Handmade Zebra Slippers - UncommonGoods

These two zebra slippers are more than just a couple of cute faces. Each of them is handmade by artisans in Kyrgyzstan using locally-sourced, natural sheep’s wool. | Handmade Zebra Slippers | $24.99


Dinosaur Pet Sweater - UncommonGoods

At this sweet sale price, why not let Fido become the dino he’s always wanted to be? | Dinosaur Pet Sweater | $24.99


Pop Top 6 Pack Glasses - UncommonGoods

Pop Art meets the six pack in this vibrant glassware. Snag the whole set for nearly half price before they sell out. | Pop Top 6 Pack Glasses | $24.99


Under $50

Embroidered Sunburst Cuff - UncommonGoods

Bright and bohemian, these on-trend embroidered cuffs are handcrafted by indigenous artisans in Mexico – each one is like a wearable work of art. | Embroidered Sunburst Cuff | $44.99


Bread & Butterfly Serving Board - UncommonGoods

Anyone who loves word-play, the beauty of nature, functional design and/or artisanal teak oil finishes will be a fan of this clever serving board. So pretty much everyone, right? | Bread & Butter(fly) Serving Board | $29.99



Inspirational Scarf - Passion

What looks like a stained glass print in bold red actually contains hidden messages. Look closely and you’ll find words like “spirited,” “fearless,” and “resilient” woven into this stylish scarf. | Inspirational Scarf – Passion | $37.99


Wrecking Ball Bookends - UncommonGoods

Hand cut from carbon steel, these bookends can add a bit of industrial style anywhere from a home office to a kid’s room. | Wrecking Ball Book Ends | $44.99


Limited Edition Guitar String Pendants - UncommonGoods

Now you can keep a piece of rock history with you anywhere you roll. These handmade, stainless steel lockets encapsulate reclaimed guitar strings used by Ani DiFranco, Bryan Adams, Indigo Girls, Les Claypool, Mick Jones, or Peter Frampton. | Limited Edition Guitar String Pendants | $44.99


Lazy Susan Arcade Spinner - UncommonGoods

Since we’re Brooklyn-based, we’re partial to this Coney Island-inspired Lazy Susan. The design incorporates the vintage colors and graphics of an arcade spinner, making it a conversation-starting option for serving small plates. | Lazy Susan Arcade Spinner | $49.99


Under $100

Miracles Necklace - UncommonGoods

We won’t say it’s a miracle that this necklace is on sale, but considering it’s made of gold, sterling silver, and semi-precious stones, we will say it’s pretty special. | Miracles Necklace | $54.99


Brick Phone Vase - UncommonGoods

Spring is calling, and fresh flowers are on the way. Answer with this ’90s phone-inspired, handmade vase. | Brick Phone Vase | $64.99


Female Symbol Necklace - UncommonGoods

The symbol on this charm has become synonymous with girl power, but the necklace itself also has a powerful message. Made of silver salvaged from bombs dropped on Laos during the Vietnam War, this piece is also a symbol of hope. | Female Symbol Necklace | $84.99


Puppy Love Charm Bracelet - UncommonGoods

Looking to adopt a stylish new look? These charming pups are hand-crafted from sterling silver and need a home. | Puppy Love Charm Bracelet | $89.99


Ibiza Grey Bag - UncommonGoods

Whether you’re getting ready for beach season or just need a big bag for your day-to-day schlep, this one will help you tassel, uh…tackle, your tote-ables. | Ibiza Gray Bag | $98.00

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  • Reply Helen March 21, 2017 at 6:46 am

    There are people who seek for virtually everything from vintage necklaces to fashionable charms. I just love the charming pups that being displayed here. It is considered to be a unique charm and design that cannot be found in any modern styles.

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