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Super Gifts for Your Superhero Dad

June 2, 2017

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Dad! We’re all holding out for a hero, but no need to wait ’til the morning light: he’s right there in the back yard. Or the kitchen. Or maybe the garage. Wherever your one-of-a-kind pop prefers to spend his “me” time (your words, not his), here’s our guide to gifts that celebrate his cape-worthy, Spandex-free super-ness.


 The Fantastic Formula

E = MC Pow!


Earth Cufflinks | Uncommongoods

He may have out-of-this-world powers (case in point: the power of knowledge), but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep him grounded with these spiffy cufflinks made in the image of our home planet. | Earth Cufflinks


Brain Bookends | UncommonGoods

Is there any place more appropriate to wedge Dad’s favorite academic tomes than between two halves of a concrete brain? We think not. | Left Brain, Right Brain Bookends


Math Glasses | UncommonGoods

Toast his mathematical prowess with this set of four Old Fashioned glasses, each decorated with a formula impenetrable to even the most cunning of mere mortals. | Math Glasses – Set of 4


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Mr. Play

(Not-So) Secret Identity… #1 fan


Game-used Hockey Puck Bottle Opener | UncommonGoods

Why mask your superfandom when you can show it off with a flick of the wrist? These game used hockey pucks double as bottle openers, perfect for dads with a soft spot for the NHL and a taste for good, cold beer. | Game Used Hockey Puck Bottle Opener


Football Playbook Glasses | UncommonGoods

Dad more of a football guy? This set of playbook glasses—complete with commands to toss back, shotgun, and blitz alongside miniature X’s and O’s—should tickle his fancy. | Football Playbook Glasses – Set of 4


Baseball Signatures Tie | UncommonGoods

Ties are a cop out on Father’s Day, right? Not always, my friend. This snazzy silk number—an exception to the rule—is sure to hit a home run with any true fan of America’s pastime. | Baseball Signature Tie


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Grills culprits… and corn on the cob


DIY BBQ kit | Uncommongoods

What better way to personalize Dad’s summer cookouts than with a suite of homemade sauces? This DIY BBQ KIT—er, sorry, kit—comes with everything he needs to craft and bottle his own, from crushed red pepper to blank labels begging for his touch. | Make Your Own BBQ Sauce Kit


Grilllight Spatula | Uncommongoods

Keep him grilling into the depths of the night with this inventive two-in-one tool designed to keep the coals alight, its built-in LED making it possible to see in darkness without setting fire to a tiki torch that’s too close for comfort. | Grillight Spatula


Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank | UncommonGoods

Add a bit of color to his BBQ routine with this vibrant hand-carved plank of Himalayan pink salt. Thanks to its stable crystal structure, the plank—which can also be chilled—holds heat like a pro and injects a bit of extra flavor as foods cook atop it. | Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank


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 The Cufflinked Crusader

Taking care of bad guys is his business


Deep See Sand Art | UncommonGoods

Dad stressed about deadlines and quarterly meetings? Inject a bit of calming scenery into his office with this mesmerizing piece of handmade sand art. | Deep Sea Sand Art


Bike Today, Work Tomorrow | UncommonGoods

For the desk-bound dad who’d rather be rolling through the streets on two wheels, this paperweight offers an opportunity to keep unruly papers in line while letting everyone know how you really feel. | Bike Today, Work Tomorrow Paperweight


Zen Driftwood Pen - UncommonGoods

A truly special pen can be a game changer. Made from driftwood sourced from the Chesapeake Bay, each of Tom Gauntt’s painstakingly crafted pens is totally unique. | Zen Driftwood Pen


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Green Gardener

Leaping tall bushes in a single bound


Dominoes Stepping Stones | UncommonGoods

Turn Dad’s grassy refuge into a veritable game table with these playful stepping stones. Handmade from a mixture of sand, cement, and water, they’re just like dominoes… only bigger, and heavier, and much better to walk across the lawn on. | Dominoes Stepping Stones Sets


Gardener's Tool Seat | Uncommongoods

Is it a tool bag? Is it a chair? It’s both—and it has 21 pockets, enough to stash a full suite of gardening instruments, from pruners to hand hoes. | Gardener’s Tool Seat


Garden Trowel Bottle Opener | UncommonGoods

Listen—digging holes and trimming bushes is truly exacting work. Why not pay tribute to his green thumb with a trowel that doubles as a bottle opener, allowing him to cool off and calm down after a long day spent in the yard? | Garden Trowel Bottle Opener


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Dr. Dapper

Always ready to suit up for adventure


Personalized Socks | UncommonGoods

These stylish socks look great with his everyday clothes, or his super-guy disguise. The best part? You can customize them with his initials, name, or a special message. | Personalized Socks – Set of 5 Pairs


Men's Grooming Kit | UncommonGoods

Saving the world (and being a dad) can be a dirty job. Help him get squeaky clean in a manly fashion with this super set. | Fields & Forests Men’s Grooming Set


Custom Stainless Steel Comb | UncommonGoods

This comb is like a secret weapon for controlling his coif. It even comes personalized and has a keychain-ready loop. | Custom Stainless Steel Grooming Comb


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Professor Pint

A man of steel with another kind of six-pack


One Gallon Microbrewing Kit | UncommonGoods

Does he love a good local brew? His favorite “microbrewery” is soon to be his own kitchen. | One Gallon Microbrewing Kit


Craft IPA Beer Shampoo and Conditioner | UncommonGoods

It turns out that beer has its own super power: making hair look and feel fantastic. | Craft IPA Beer Shampoo & Conditioner


Beer Towel | UncommonGoods

If beer’s his drink of choice and knowledge is his weapon of choice, he’ll love this towel. | Beer Towel


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Handy Man (and his trusty companion Captain Constructor)

With great power tools comes great responsibility


5-in-1 Tool Pen | UncommonGoods

He’s the go-to guy when a fix-it is required, but going to the right tool isn’t always that easy. Or is it? | 5 in 1 Tool Pen


Modular Smart Home Kit | UncommonGoods

Now your real-life super dad can create a tech-controlled lair that rivals those of the heroes of comic book fame. | Modular Smart Home Kit


Multi-Tool Box of Wonders | UncommonGoods

Sure, he already has a monkey wrench, but what about a monkey screwdriver? | Multi-Tool Box of Wonders


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Sonic Boom

Dances to the tune of justice


Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker | UncommonGoods

This blast from the past–updated with modern technology–isn’t available just yet, but if Dad’s a hardcore music lover, backing this design on Kickstarter in his honor might be the perfect gift. (Each reward tier features a printable card option, so you can let Dad know his gift is on the way. When the real deal arrives, it will be like it’s Father’s Day all over again!) | Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth® Speaker


Record Coasters | UncommonGoods

His record collection is already pretty impressive. Give him a coaster collection to match. | Record Coasters


The LP Encyclopedic Print | UncommonGoods

This print may be a minimalist design, but it packs a lot of nostalgia. | The LP Encyclopedic Print


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Ctrl + Alt+ Deleting Crime


Bluetooth Tracking Tag | UncommonGoods

Give Dad the power to control his keys! Well, maybe not control them entirely…but he will be able to find them easily when they go missing. | Bluetooth® Tracking Tag


Powerslayer Smart Wall Charger | UncommonGoods

Speaking of super powers, this device lets Dad power-up his devices up to twice as fast as traditional chargers. | Powerslayer Smart Wall Charger


Lune Light | UncommonGoods

Now, with the tap of his hand, your super dad can control light itself. | Lune Light


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Thanks to our costumed crusaders, the city is safe…for now! But don’t miss the next exciting issue–a dad’s job is never done!

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