3 Unique Ways to Style Your Nightstand

March 30, 2017

Your nightstand—it’s just the utilitarian bedside spot for stashing your alarm clock or phone, some tissues, and your latest nighttime read, right? Maybe, but it should be a whole lot more. Think about it. What’s the last thing you see at night when you reach over to turn off the light? What’s your waking sight when you reach for your alarm each morning?

Since your nightstand is the closest thing to your bed, it’s your first and last visual cue of the day—so why not give a little attention to this overlooked spot? Add some thoughtful, personalized touches that are both functional and decorative for calming your mood at night and adding some energetic pep to your morning.

Aquatic Vibes

According to Carl Jung, the sea symbolizes our collective unconscious, spilling forth each night with dreams concealed by day. The swirling waves of this bedside lantern will be just the thing for your nightstand. Made from recycled paper, the wave-printed shade casts a warm glow perfect for cozy bedtime lighting and even adjusts for brightness. | Glowing Wave Paper Lantern

For Poseidon-worthy dreams full of mermaids and kraken, these Sea Monster Bookends, hand-cut from carbon steel, provide the perfect home for the deep-sea adventures of your nightly reads.

The dune and aquamarine colors of these nesting baskets conjure the texture of the sand and the movement of the sea. Hand-crafted by Rwandan craftswomen, these one-of-a-kind baskets are made from woven sweet grass and work perfectly as a catchall—for your jewelry, a sleep mask or journal, or even treasures from the ocean floor. | Handwoven Nesting Baskets


Out-of-This-World Dreams

The purpose of a good night’s sleep is to relax your body and shut off your mind, rejuvenating yourself for another day. And what better way to say goodbye to the stresses of the day than leaving behind the world entirely? Seek out new worlds in your dreams with this sci-fi-inspired Rocket Lamp, which will propel you moonward for eight hours of otherworldly slumber.

If you can’t get enough of the intergalactic theme, corral the loose change from your pockets and stash it in this handy rocket ship bank—complete with its own spaceman—made from recycled aluminum and bronze. | Moon Rocket Sculptural Bank 

For a little nighttime reading—or just a way to add some oomph to that blank space on the wall behind your nightstand, hang this Cosmic Exploration Chart, which illustrates a colorful history of spacecraft. You’ll wake up ready to tackle the day as gung-ho as Sally Ride.

Bring the Outdoors In

If you secretly wish you could still have glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling, we totally get it—and this one’s for you.
Give your nightstand a rustic yet glamp-worthy makeover to bring a bit of the outdoors to your bedside. This Solar-Powered Mason Jar conjures memories of catching fireflies on a warm summer night. Best of all, it helps you to live in a more environmentally friendly way. Simply leave your curtains open to let it “charge” in the the daylight, and you’ll have a unique glowing lamp and a lower carbon footprint.

Or go with this porcelain Glowing Log Lamp, which will infuse your nighttime reading the magic of ghost stories told around a flickering campfire.

When it’s time for bed, tuck your glasses away on this hand-carved owl perch, for a home safe from scratches or falls. | Owl Eyeglasses HolderAccording to legend, the mineral agate is supposed to cure insomnia—so what better way to decorate your nature-inspired nightstand than with cascading color of these elegant coasters? Made with agate from southern Brazil, these coasters are almost too pretty to set anything on—but they’re just as perfect for holding drinks as they are for display as elegant decor. | Agate Coasters–Set of 4

Whether it’s a rugged outdoor adventure, a cosmic trip to far-flung galaxies, or an underwater escape, this is one home improvement project that’s sure to be the stuff of dreams.


Lauren Pezzullo is a writer, editor, and musicophile who’s passionate about vegetarianism and sustainable eating. As an editor for Modernize, she writes about energy-efficient living in the home. She’s currently writing her debut novel.

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