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20 Father’s Day Gifts for
Dad’s Man Cave

May 27, 2017

Between changing diapers and navigating the many moods of adolescence, fatherhood can be tough. Enter the man cave, a masculine oasis filled with goodies designed for the utmost in paternal relaxation, from special mixology tools to decorative objects tailored to his own individual tastes. Want to help Dad deck out his den this Father’s Day? We’ve got you covered. Read on for our selection of 20 gifts complete with the man cave seal of approval.

Tired of him pillaging the pantry before the big game? Help him direct his Viking energy elsewhere with this fearsome (and dishwasher safe!) drinking horn. | Das Horn


No more lukewarm liquor! If Dad’s love of puns nearly equals his taste for expertly chilled Czech beer, consider this slender instrument designed to keep brews as crisp as a winter’s breeze. | Chillsner


Bring a bit of the green into his wood-paneled lair with this bold quartet of golf-themed pint glasses, each featuring a classic club design. | Set of Fore! Golf Glasses


Some caves have paintings. We tend to think that Dad’s could use a recycled tribute to the unbreakable bond between man, pooch, and newspaper, though. | Spark Plug Park Bench Sculpture


At last, a cocktail resource for the visual learner—not to mention a necessary addition to any armchair-dwelling whiskey lover’s walls. | Whiskey Math Cocktail Recipe Screen Print


From trikes to tandem bicycles, this colorful chart—the perfect gift for any man who wishes he weren’t too old to hang posters in his bedroom—outlines the nuts and bolts (or should I say chains and spokes?) of two-wheeled history. | Evolution of Bicycles Pop Chart


Fitted with indispensable cocktail tools and classic seasonings like juniper berries and kumquat peel, this luxurious little valise will take his basement bar game to another level. | Deluxe Mixology Case


For those without a background in home bartending, these cocktail infused ice cubes should do the trick, adding a pinch of complex flavor to even the simplest mixed drink. (Think peach with herbs and bitters in your vodka soda.) | Cocktail Infused Ice Cubes


It’s not just a bowl; it’s a bowl designed especially for eating on the sofa. What more could a man cave possibly need—aside, perhaps, from a nicer sofa? | Couch Bowl – Set of 2


And you thought you could only dunk basketballs! Joke’s on you. With this dartboard shaped like a basketball court, Dad can finally fulfill his dream of dunking a little pointy thing—you know, something small enough to toss around in a basement without knocking over a family heirloom. | Basketball Dartboard


For the dad with a flair for the dramatic, this intricate plywood switch plate should do the trick. Just make sure it’s hooked up to the lights and not some mysterious contraption designed to bring a dead guy back to life, OK? | Frankenstein Switch Plate


A little like a grown-up word search, this elegant clock keeps track of time with the help of illuminated letters and four tiny dots, each symbolizing a minute. | QlockTwo Classic


There’s nothing quite like the relaxing scent of citrus mingled with hops to set the tone for Dad’s long awaited Saturday. Made from soy wax and housed in recycled amber bottles, these hand-poured candles are designed to burn for approximately 60 hours—otherwise known as “basically the whole weekend.” | Craft Wax Beer Candles


An ideal receptacle for keys, loose change, and all those little wrapped-up candies pilfered from the office, this bike chain bowl makes a sturdy addition to Dad’s coffee table. The best part? It’s recycled, saving spent chains from lingering in landfills. | Bike Chain Bowl


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Punny, no? This little lamp may look like a lightbulb, but it’s lit with the help of a battery powered LED, rendering it portable—and ideal for basement spelunking. | Nightbulb


Help him turn it up to eleven and keep intruders away from his turf with this personalized doormat in the shape of an amplifier. | Personalized Amp Doormat


These granite drink chillers made from stones collected from New England beaches are guaranteed to keep Dad’s spirits cool and undiluted. (There’s a pun in there somewhere, but for now we’ll just remind you to enjoy the hardwood tray and pair of tumblers that come with the set.) | On the Rocks Set


A man cave isn’t all whiskey and beer—sometimes it’s whiskey infused coffee, too. Hey, a dad needs to wake up, doesn’t he? | Bourbon Infused Coffee


Speaking of whiskey, this personalized barrel—which comes in two sizes—lets Dad craft his own while lending a rustic air to his highly exclusive surroundings. | Personalized Whiskey Barrel


Lastly, this low-maintenance terrarium is ideal for any golf enthusiast looking to spruce up his subterranean pad, requiring only a once weekly spray of mist. | Tee Time Terrarium

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