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Uncommon Personalities: Meet Jayne Healey

August 31, 2016


Jayne Healey, Assistant Site Merchandiser

My hometown…

Needham, MA.

I’m inspired by…

Both the human body as a machine and the human form as art.

The word or phrase that best describes me…


An uncommon fact about me…

Well, I have blue eyes and red hair, which is the rarest combo on Earth, and I am in the 1% of people that can lick their elbow, so I guess that makes me a super rare individual.

If my 6th grade teacher could see me now, he or she would say…

“You are still the same awkward, glasses wearing, frizzy redhead just without the braces.”

If I could learn to do one thing perfectly, it would be…


The best gift I’ve ever received is…

Life (and I hope to give it one day, too).

My style is…

Mostly black. This classic look dates back to when I worked at a Macy’s store in college. The required dress code was that you had to wear 90% black, so as a result anytime I went shopping my excuse to buy something was “if I buy it in black I can wear it to work.” That mindset has stuck with me and now I’m automatically drawn towards buying black.

As Merchandising Coordinator, Jayne scouts out our newest goods to bring you our brand new best sellers. Check them out here.


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