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Uncommon Personalities: Meet Arnold Pittman

January 2, 2016

Arnold Pittman | UncommonGoodsArnold Pittman – UncommonGoods Operations Team Lead

My hometown…
New York City.

I’m passionate about…
Sharing my wisdom with others that may benefit from my experiences and being open so I can continue being a student to life.

The best gift I’ve ever received is…
Madison, Harmoni, Sidney, Cheyenne, Imani, and Jayden. My children!!!

My favorite food of all time is…
STRAWBERRIES any time of the day (preferably in season and not too big like they’ve been pumped with Hulk water).

If I could learn anything, it would be…
How to count cards at Vegas…”Yeah baby!

My style is…

The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen is…
My grandmother living to be 102 (almost 103!) years to see her great grandchildren and still be kickin’ it –and I mean parties, she works, and does her own shopping.

An uncommon fact about me…
Facts, plural:
1) I can drift like Vin Diesel in Fast 7, and
2) I can wiggle my ears…both at the same time and…individually (wink).

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