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Sky-High Romance & Rodeo No-Nos: Announcing Our #UncommonDate Contest Winners

February 17, 2016

Winners of the Uncommon Date Contest from UncommonGoods

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, we asked you to share your uncommon date stories. We expected to hear some tales of romance and a few funny anecdotes about dates gone wrong, but we had no idea we’d get so many great entries–making it pretty hard to pick just two winners.

In the end, after many “Aw, that’s SO sweet”s and plenty of chuckles, we decided on one date that we wished we could replicate and one we’d rather not.

Hot Air Balloon

We were swept away by manda_fern‘s romantic story, which she shared via Instagram:

“The first date I had with my husband was a hot air balloon ride. He, unbeknownst to me, outbid me in a silent auction fundraiser. When he won, he asked me to accompany him as a date. He actually got to fly the balloon as the pilot because our pilot happened to be a qualified instructor and my husband happened to be a pilot who was interested in trying a new experience (and showing off for his new date). It was an amazing experience. And now my husband enjoys telling fellow pilots that he has logged an hour of balloon time in his books!”


Our second winner, Amy Guillaume Linderman, shared her story with us on Facebook:

“I once went on a date with this guy who showed up at my house dressed like a cowboy. Boots, cowboy hat, everything…and I lived in Buffalo, NY, not the country. Anyway, he took me line dancing and there was some fundraiser going on where you could put someone in mock ‘jail,’ so he did that to me. When he took me home he asked my parents if I could go on his rodeo tour with him. Ugh.”

Congratulations to our winners, who each get to pick a prize package from our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!  For more #UncommonDate stories, follow the hashtag on social media or check out the comments on our blog post.

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