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Instagram Challenge: EARTH DAY

April 22, 2016
Instagram Challenge | Earth Day | UncommonGoods

Image courtesy of Meera Lee Patel’s beautiful Watercolor World Map.

Our planet has been called the “Goldilocks planet.” Just like in the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” conditions on Earth have been considered “just right” for living things to exist (at least compared to other planets). As we know it now, it’s warm, but not too warm to function. And it has water, but not too much water to drown us all, or too little water to dry out the entire planet. Since Earth Day first launched 46 years ago, it’s no secret that if there aren’t major changes on how we treat our planet, that things won’t be “just right” in the future.

At UncommonGoods, our mission has always focused on having a positive effect on people and the planet. Strive to have uncommon impact is a big part of both our history and our company culture. However, we know there is big room for improvement both inside and outside our walls. This Earth Day, we encourage you to make a positive, sustainable impact, whether it’s switching to a reusable lunch tote, or participating in a community tree planting. We want to see how you’re celebrating Earth Day! Share your actions on Instagram for the chance to win a $50 gift card. Visit here to see the entries we’ve received so far, and click here to view more of our favorite recycled accessories.

Instagram Challenge | Earth Day | UncommonGoods Tree Planting

The UncommonGoods team volunteering for Earth Day 2015.

Congratulations to @lipaniad for winning our Wanderlust Instagram Challenge with this adorable shot of her mini travelers! 

Instagram Challenge Winner | Wanderlust | #UGInstaFun

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