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Gifts for Him: A Huge Gift Guide for Guys

December 17, 2016

What do the phrases, “Man, this is tough.”, “Oh, brother, where to start?”, and “Dude, seriously? What am I supposed to get?” have in common? Other than opening with a nod to some hypothetical male, you’ve also probably uttered them rhetorically when wondering what in the heck to buy for an actual man in your life. We know guys run the gamut from sports fans to geeks to foodies (and many are all of the above and more at once!), so we created this list of our favorite gift guides featuring stuff for hard-to-shop-for fellas.


He’s a modern man, but he still spends as much time as possible living in a cave. His man cave, that is. Help him turn his personal space into a truly impressive dude domain with this collection of cool guy gifts. | See more Man Cave Must-Haves>>


He already owns enough ties to open his own men’s fashion store. His kitchen is loaded with gadgets that could make a professional chef swoon. His book, record, and every other collection you can think of are so complete you don’t even know where to start when it comes to finding just what he needs. Saying he’s hard-to-shop-for is an understatement, but don’t worry. We have a whole list of things we bet he doesn’t already have. | See more Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything>>


Still looking for something to stuff his stocking? These gifts are cute, fun, and cost $25 or less. | See more Thoughtful Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank>>


If the guy on your holiday shopping list is a proud pet papa, he’ll love a gift from our round-up of picks for animal lovers. You can even grab a little something for Fido himself while you’re browsing. | See more Gifts for Animal Lovers and Their Cuddly Counterparts


Is golf his game? Or is his happy place a hockey rink? Maybe he’s a football fanatic? Whether he has a sport of choice or just admires athetics in general, you’ll find something to make him cheer on our list of winning gifts for sports fans. | See more Sports Gifts>>


Mr. Mixology can craft a cocktail that leaves you asking, “YUM. Can I just have five of these instead of an actual dinner?” Show him that you appreciate his brilliant bartending skills with toast-worthy beer, booze, or wine gift. | See more Gifts for the Home Bartender 


He responds to “You’re such a nerd” with “Thank you,” so why not get him a gift to celebrate his geekiness? This collection covers math, science, and more, so you’ll find something adorkable for the proud nerd on your list. | See more Gifts for Geeks>>


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