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Gift Lab: A Scarf Dye Kit That Will Make You Believe in Magic

April 14, 2016

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Magic Jar Scarf Dye Kit

I’m a big fan of tie-dye! I’ve even hosted tie-dye workshops to teach other people how to turn a plain t-shirt into something fun. However, tie-dye is a pretty messy activity to do, especially indoors during the dead of winter which is the context I’m working with at the moment. I’ve been eyeing the Magic Jar Scarf Dye Kit for some time now, so when our assistant  jewelry & accessories buyer, Jackie,  told me we got a new color in (turquoise!) I knew I had to try it.  The scarf comes in a glass jar with the dye powder mixed inside. The only thing to add to it is water. How simple is that?

Admittedly, I was skeptical because the directions seemed just too simple. There had to be a catch. All I was asked to do was fill the jar up with room temperature water, close the lid, let it sit for an hour, wash the scarf with detergent and let it dry. Sounded too good to be true.

1. Open the jar up and fill with room temperature water. Three-fourths of a cup will suffice.



2. Close the lid and let it sit for an hour.

3. Okay, this was the part I was worried about: wash the scarf with detergent. I opted to hand-wash the scarf in my tub despite concerns of my tub turning blue from the dye. Guess what? My tub did not turn blue and neither did my hands (another worry). In fact, my bathroom didn’t get messy at all. This jar really is magic!


4. Let the scarf dry. I opted to hang dry the scarf on my shower rod instead of putting it in the dryer. I was sure this would result in a mess too, but again, nothing.  Oh, and the scarf took less than an hour to dry. Seriously, what is this scarf sorcery?

Tie-Dye Scarf | UncommonGoods

5. That’s it! Now time to wear. Of course, you can wear the scarf as a scarf, but I also tried it on as a head-wrap since that is one of my go-to hairstyles. It’s a great length for a head wrap plus it’s not too thick. That being said, this scarf is more fashion than function. Since the scarf is made out of silk crepe de chine, it’s not thick enough to really keep your neck warm, but it is chic enough to make you look hot, or, uh well-dressed. It makes a statement. My co-workers certainly liked it when I sported it as a head-wrap at work.


Finished Scarf as Head-Wrap | Uncommongoods

Tie-Dye Scarf Head Wrap | UncommonGoods

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED the Magic Jar Scarf Dye Kit. I especially loved the ombre effect that the finished scarf has. Très chic! I don’t know how its creator,  Shabd Simon-Alexander was able to make tie-dye feel so effortless, but she did. I highly recommend this as a fun activity for a crafternoon. Studio-dwellers need not fear tie-dye anymore. No stress, no mess with this dye-kit. Oh, and I didn’t want to throw away such a nice glass jar, so I’m using it to store the teabags I keep at my desk here at UncommonGoods.


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