5 Simple Steps for Entryway Designs Made Easy

February 25, 2016

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Whether it’s a coveted job interview, the cover of a book you want to buy, or even the interior design of your home, first impressions matter. Since your entryway is, architecturally speaking, the first “impression” of your home, it needs to make a statement. Think of it as a snapshot of your unique sense of design and what your home represents to you. And if that sounds like too much pressure, don’t worry. Here are some easy design steps to help you through the process of creating an entryway that screams you.

The first place to begin is simple: look at your space and think about your needs. Is there enough room for a chair and table, or will you need to focus all the attention on wall hangings? Does the area feel small and dark or blank and impersonal? When you walk in the door, do you drop your keys, mail, shoes, and umbrella here, or do you already have an organized spot for your things? Questions like these will help solidify the function of this room, which will give you a list of “must haves”—and from there comes the fun. Time for creativity to take over and start decorating from the outside, in!

The Treehouse: Hallway Turned Mudroom | Design Mom

Photo by Gabrielle Blair, Design Mom
The Treehouse: Hallway Turned Mudroom

 1) Begin with your walls and floor. If color is your thing, don’t be afraid to go bold. Choose a loud hue or even a high-drama wallpaper that pops the second you walk in the door. If that makes you dizzy to even think about, keep it straightforward. White is always classy and never bores when paired with the right accessories. If you go this route, a colorful or textured rug will add warmth to your entryway without being too in-your-face.

2) Next, decide on the best place for each of your furniture pieces, keeping in mind any sort of organizational need and efficiency of space.  A chest with several drawers or cubbyholes is a great way to keep the knickknacks of life tucked away in larger entryways. For a cozier space, opt for a lighter table with drawers, like this handmade wooden beauty by David Rasmussen, to keep the room feeling open. Also, having a place to sit and kick off your shoes is always a great idea. This can be solved with the addition of a chair, a stool, or even a pouf.

Jen Pleasant's Beautiful Bare Glass Doors

Beautiful, bare glass doors let in light and open up Jen Pleasants’ CA studio.

 3) Proper lighting can do wonders for any room. If you get lots of natural light, count yourself lucky and don’t block it out. Choose opaque sheer curtains that still allow light to stream in, or just keep your windows bare altogether. For entryways that need brightening, find a tabletop lamp made of clear glass or thin metal. This will give you the light you need without adding extra weight to the overall feel of the room. Don’t forget to think vertically, too. A chandelier is an eye-catching piece that provides not just form, but function.

Mr. Owl Touch Lamp | UncommonGoods

 Mr. Owl Touch Lamp

 4) Now you’re down to the nitty-gritty: wall hangings and accessories. Large mirrors are always a great decision. They not only give you a last look before you walk out the door, but they also bounce light and make a snug room feel more grand. To personalize your walls, intersperse shadowboxes filled with special trinkets from your life with several smaller mirrors. Also be sure to add a little catch-all, like this unique bike chain bowl on the table to stash your keys and sunglasses.

Minimalist Teak Wall Shelf | UncommonGoods

 Minimalist Teak Wall Shelf & The Happy Elephant art by Zlatka Paneva

5) Finally, incorporate a special item that makes you feel like you are home. This could be a framed family photo, a memorable shell you found on your honeymoon, or the pair of knitting needles your grandmother gave you. It doesn’t matter what it is, just find a place to display this piece as your daily reminder of what makes you happy.

That’s all there is to it. Now you have an entryway that is personalized and leaves one spectacular first impression!


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    […] I came across so many new ideas and products while browsing their website. Like, their fire escape and suspension bridge wall shelves. Ideal for an entryway, along with the kinetic key holder which you can find here.  Take a look at this helpful blog post about 5 simple steps to design your entryway. […]

  • Reply Adrian Moss October 14, 2016 at 4:45 pm

    To be honest, wasn’t looking for this site, kinda stumbled upon it, but I must say it was an interesting read. Because I have no taste in design, and my creativity level is below zero, I’m taking these ideas once my house is finished. I have struggled on whether to hire a home decor specialist (even though I don’t have the money) or to do it myself. Now I’m thinking I can pull it off. Don’t need much, just something comfortable! THANKS, huge help!!

    • Reply Emily G. October 17, 2016 at 9:22 am

      Hi Adrian,

      Thanks for reading! We’re so glad you found this post helpful. Happy decorating! 🙂

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