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Uncommon Knowledge: Is that honey expired?

January 12, 2015

Manhattan Rooftop Honey Flight | UncommonGoods

NOPE! And it never will be, as long as it’s sealed and stored in a dry place! That’s because honey is a sugar. All sugars are hygroscopic, meaning they don’t contain much water in their natural state. Very few bacteria or microorganisms can survive in an environment like that. One thing that sets honey apart from other sugars, and makes it an excellent long-term resident in your cupboard, is its high acidity, which kills off anything trying to make a home in the honey. The oldest honey that has been found dates back 5,000 years. Whether that particular sample is edible depends on its storage. However, if you were to seal up your favorite honey, tuck it away in a safe, dry place, your great great great, several more times great grandchildren could partake.

Manhattan Rooftop Honey Flight, $45


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