How can I work with your Product Development team?

August 12, 2015

We are always looking for makers and manufacturers to partner with on developing new products! Often times, we develop the concept for a product and then look for the right vendor that can bring their production techniques and creative vision to help make it happen. For example, we love working with J.K. Adams, so we came to them with a need – how to serve shelled pistachios at a party – and worked with them to create a new, unique design: the Pistachio Pedestal.

Sometimes our vendors actually come to us with great concepts that they need help developing into full-fledged designs. This might be because the artist or designer has had the idea in their archives for a while, but has either decided it wasn’t quite right for their own customers or can’t figure out exactly how to take the initial concept to a final product. We love seeing ideas for new products from our vendors and working with them to create new, exclusive goods that will appeal to our customers. If you’re interested in working with our Product Development team, contact our Director of New Business and Product Development, Carolyn Topp at Carolyn@uncommongoods.com.

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