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Best Secret Santa Ever: Gifts for Your Coworkers

November 10, 2015

Secret Santa Gifts | UncommonGoods

One day very soon, you may arrive to work and find a fun diversion to your morning ritual: one of the women in Marketing approaches your desk and asks if you want to pick a name for your office’s annual Secret Santa. In the spirit of the season, you agree and reach your hand into a pile of small papers filled with names of your colleagues. Anticipation is rising as you wonder who will travel through your fingers, and who may have already picked your name. When you open your final selection, you learn that you picked that new guy in Accounting. And then you realize you know absolutely nothing about him.

The art of fulfilling your duties in an office Secret Santa can be complicated, whether or not you know your co-workers well. You might have to buy a gift that fits a particular price range, or you may have to recall every interaction you’ve had with your giftee in order to spark one good idea. On top of all of this, there’s the pressure of keeping your identity a secret until the final reveal. Since you might get a call from HR if you start snooping around your co-worker’s desk for hints, we’ve created this gift guide to inspire that perfect Secret Santa find instead. (As for how to keep your gift a secret, we can only suggest that you fess up if you end up picking your own name out of the hat.)

Stoneware Travel Mug | UncommonGoods

A beautiful gift for anyone on the go, or for anyone who isn’t a fan of the office’s daily brew. | Stoneware Travel Mug




Tea Bag Holding Mug - UncommonGoods

No use in crying over overly steeped tea. If your co-worker prefers to get her caffeine from leaves over beans, this mug will ensure she doesn’t lose her tea bag seconds before her brew starts to border on bitter. | Tea Bag Holding Mug

Bubble Calendar | UncommonGoods

We’re NOT sorry to burst your bubble with news of this universal gift. | Bubble Calendar

F Bomb Paperweight - UncommonGoods

Sometimes it’s okay to drop a strong “F-Bomb” in the office. | F Bomb Paperweight


Handblown Glass Candy Canes - UncommonGoods

Just because your colleague has enough willpower to ignore the stash of donuts in the kitchen, it doesn’t mean she wants to completely shy away from the sweetness of the season. The Handblown Glass Candy Canes will make a festive addition to her holiday celebrations without the extra sugar.

Garden in a Can - Set of 4 - UncommonGoods

It’s about time that your co-worker put that desk with a view to good use!| Garden in a Can

1980s Slang Chart - UncommonGoods

Because everyone has at least one colleague who only sings 80s ballads at the office karaoke. | 1980s Slang Chart

Men's Taco Socks - UncommonGoods

Why can’t every happy hour just be on Taco Tuesday? | Men’s Taco Socks

Perry the Carved Peacock Eyeglasses Holder - UncommonGoods

Is your co-worker’s work space looking a little rough these days? This handmade piece will give her desk a decor upgrade and her reading glasses a refuge from being buried under stacks of junk mail. | Perry the Carved Peacock Eyeglasses Holder


Gin and Tonic Carry-On Cocktail Kit - UncommonGoods

Our favorite TSA-approved method to take the edge off before the next business trip. | Gin and Tonic Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Magnetic Sand Hour Glass | UncommonGoods

That’s one way to keep your co-worker’s mid-day Facebook break down to a minimum. | Magnetic Sand Hourglass 

Smartphone Spy Lens - UncommonGoods

Not even your cubicle will keep you safe from this sneaky accessory! | Smartphone Spy Lens

Conjure Your Creativity Tip Cards - UncommonGoods

More than self-help sound bites, these creativity tip cards could help spark your office’s next big idea (or just get you through that annual report).| Conjure Your Creativity Tip Cards


Awkward Moment at Work Card Game - UncommonGoods

There’s nothing like a poorly-timed Freudian slip in front of the boss to make anyone ready to hide in the bathroom. Luckily, you’ve got your team to help laugh off the awkward stuff. | Awkward Moment at Work Card Game

Pick Punch - UncommonGoods

We’ve got your impromptu lunchtime jam sessions covered! | Guitar Pick Punch

Secret Santa Gifts | UncommonGoods

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