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12 Must-Have Jewelry & Accessories Pairings To Fit Your Unique Style

December 3, 2015

When you have a unique sense of style, finding jewelry and accessories with the right amount of flair can be tricky. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with our original and inspired finds, so let your funky flag fly and make a statement with our fashion-forward picks. Here are 12 quirky jewelry and accessories pairings that let you celebrate your eclectic tastes and might even start some new trends!

Beach Marble Necklace & Tie Dye Socks| UncommonGoods

Beach Marble Necklace & Tie Dye Socks

Call on your inner child for some fashion advice! Echoing a sense of playfulness and carefree style, these one-of-a-kind Beach Marble Necklaces and Tie Dye Socks are an easy way to sprinkle some color and fun into your daily ensemble.

Floral Watch Birth Month Flower Necklace|UncommonGoods

 Floral Wood Watch & Birth Month Flower Necklace

Every flower has a special meaning and no two blooms are alike. Nurture your independent sense of style with these feminine floral accessories. Pair your Birth Month Flower Necklace and Floral Wood Watch for a graceful reminder of the infinite possibilities found in nature.

Gold Lace Necklace & Flora Embroidered Tote|UncommonGoods

 Hydrangea Gold Dipped Lace Necklace & Flora Embroidered Tote

Add some vintage flair to your get-up with these elegant lace inspired accessories. Handmade from delicate lace pieces, our Hydrangea Gold Dipped Lace Necklace is the perfect match for our Flora Embroidered Tote. It’s a modern twist on an old classic that you’ll want to wear forever.

Latitude Longitude Pendent & Bronze Custom Map Key Ring|UncommonGoods

Latitude Longitude Pendant & Bronze Custom Map Key Ring

If your sense of adventure is as daring as your style then these personalized keepsakes are exactly what you’ve been searching for. Wherever you are, keep the places close to your heart near with our Latitude Longitude Pendant and Bronze Custom Map Key Ring and you’ll never stray too far on your travels.

Impression Leaf Scarf & Gold On Silver Ginkgo Leaf Necklace|UncommonGoods

Impression Leaf Scarf & Gold On Silver Ginkgo Leaf Necklace

See the falling leaves of autumn with this stunning scarf and necklace duo. As we slip into winter don’t forget the beautiful autumn foliage with our Impression Leaf Scarf and Gold On Silver Ginkgo Leaf Necklace. Their organic shape and simple splendor will remind you to stop and appreciate nature.

Meteor Showers Meteorite Necklace & Celestial Embroidered Wallet|UncommonGoods

Celestial Embroidered Wallet & Meteor Shower Meteorite Necklace

Stay space-chic with these funky celestial accessories! A subtle and sophisticated way to incorporate some astronomy and science into your guise, our Celestial Embroidered Wallet  and Meteor Shower Meteorite Necklace will fulfill every style wish on your list.

Mixed Metals Hinged Cuff & Woven Daily Crossbody Bag|UncommonGoods

 Mixed Metals Hinged Cuff & Woven Daily Crossbody Bag

If minimalist and laidback cool describe your style then this combo is right up your ally. The classic yet versatile lines of our Mixed Metals Hinged Cuff and Woven Daily Crossbody Bag will add an eye catching element to your ensemble with effortless ease.

Painterly Feathers Scarf & Seasons Terrarium Necklaces|UncommonGoods

Painterly Feathers Scarf & Seasons Terrarium Necklace

Love to celebrate the arrival of every season with a new addition to your wardrobe? This colorful pairing does just that. Time flies and seasons change but our Painterly Feathers Scarf and Seasons Terrarium Necklace will complement every look in your closet, no matter what the weather is like outside!

Custom Pet Portrait Pendent & Dogs- Art Photo Print Scarf|UncommonGoods

Custom Pet Portrait Pendant & Dogs-Art Photo Print Scarf

Now your furry canine companion can go anywhere with you, well almost. Carry a reminder of your special friend and show them off with our Custom Pet Portrait Pendant and Dogs-Art Photo Print Scarf. Everyone will be as charmed by your accessories as you are by your loveable pet.

Long Sheer Loungewear Kimono & Love Birch Cuff|UncommonGoods

 Long Sheer Loungewear Kimono & Love Birch Cuff

Lounging around should be relaxing but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. Add a romantic touch to your ensemble for a note of sophistication. The rich colors and nature-inspired themes of our Love Birch Cuff and Long Sheer Loungewear Kimono are an elevated take on loungewear that’s anything but boring.

Tribal Scarf & Sunburst Pendant|UncommonGoods

Tribal Scarf & Sunburst Necklace

A down-to-earth sense of style doesn’t have to be dull. Our Tribal Scarf and Sunburst Necklace lend a few understated accents that pull any outfit together with eye catching patterns. The earthy tones and sunset shades are sure to match any color palette in your wardrobe.

You Are Loved Always Inspiral & Definition Scarves|UncommonGoods

 You Are Loved Always Inspiral & Definition Scarves

Celebrating your unique sense of style is a lovely sentiment worth splurging on. Serving as a reminder to be kind to yourself, our You Are Loved Always Inspiral Necklace and Definition Scarves are the perfect way to indulge a little and invest in yourself.

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    I love your yarn bowls… especially Sherman the Sheep!

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    i like floral wood watch..

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