Need a Workplace Distraction?

July 19, 2011

We have plenty of fun projects to keep us occupied here in our office, like finding clever new items for our community voting app. Although we’re busy reading your comments, tallying your votes and answering your questions, we wouldn’t mind taking a few minutes to play 100 Workplace Games & Distractions (in the name of product research, of course!). If you’d love to stash this little tin and the included 100 game cards away in your desk to offer up when your co-workers need a breather from the average 9-5, take a break from business and let us know!

Can’t decide whether this game’s for you? Here’s a sample activity (more can be viewed by clicking on the image under the main picture in our voting app).

Sudden applause: “If you have a co-worker who is fond of a favorite saying or quote, gather together a band of your other co-workers and scheme to all applaud the next time the favorite saying is used. If you’re really brave, you’ll target your boss and his or her favorite phrase.”

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