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Uncommon Halloween Costumes

October 28, 2011

Cooler weather and crisp leaves can only mean one thing: Halloween is on its way!  A little bit of creativity and some uncommon goods can go a long way in crafting a creative costume – here are a few ideas for your best Halloween yet.

(photo: Tom Censani)

You’ve probably packed up the grill for the year, but keep a Travel Chef BBQ Set handy for your Chef costume.  Add Salts of the World and our Mobile Foodie Survival Kit to your apron pockets to channel Bobby Flay and kick it up a notch.

(photo: Laura Padgett)

Here in New York, we often encounter tourists.  Embrace your out of town identity in the Big Apple and put our great  travel products to use even when not on the road for a tourist costume: wrap yourself in a Destination Beach Towel, frequently reference a Crumpled City Map, and attach as many Luggage Tags as you can to your fanny pack or rolling suitcase. Picking up an “I heart (insert city)” shirt doesn’t hurt, either!

(Photo: Mac Morrison)

If the forecast on October 31 calls for rain, stage an all-weather pirates vs. ninjas scene for a fun group or couple costume using our full-size umbrellas.  Pirates can pair our umbrella with boots, a sailor-inspired blazer, and an eyepatch; ninjas – complete an all-black outfit with a stealthy black scarf wrapped around your head.

(Photo: Margherita Antinori)

(photo: Gabriel Pinto)

If your idea of trick-or-treating involves simultaneously listening to your favorite tunes, we’ve got you covered.  Pair our Crocheted Headphones with a red dress to channel Hello Kitty or scare others away as an unlucky black cat with our Black Cat Headphones.

(photo: Mahalie Stackpole)

UncommonGoods embraces our inner geek and we think you should too: show that you’re a proud nerd with anatomically correct Sole Sox, Geek Watch, and Chromosome Earrings.  Add on your own glasses and suspenders to complete the costume.

(photo: Petras Gagilas)

Do you only love Halloween because it means one less holiday stands between you and Christmas?  If so, remind your friends that Santa Clause is coming to town with our Emergency Clown Nose and a couple of antlers from the Buck Stacking Game to channel Rudolph, everyone’s favorite reindeer.

Are you dressing up this Halloween?  Whatever you decide to be, remember to check UncommonGoods for the best tricks and treats!

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