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Show Your Bicycle Pride!

May 19, 2011

Not only are we in the middle of National Bike to Work Week (May 16-20), May is National Bike Month! You can show your bike pride while peddling to work, enjoying a weekend ride through the park or by sporting some bicycle-inspired gear.

So spread the word about National Bike Month, and check out a few of our favorite ways to share your love for those two-wheeled transportation sensations!

1.) Bicycle Built for Two Spin-off Necklace

Bike Necklace

Made in New York, this playful pendant celebrates biking, movement and fun. The twirling medallion features a bicyclist on one side and a woman dancing on the other. Give it a spin and a la flipbook the image becomes a bicycle built for two!

2.) Canvas and Bike Tube Wallet

Canvas and Bike Tube Wallet

The Canvas and Bike Tube Wallet isn’t just fashionable, it’s also durable, handcrafted and made from recycled bike tubes. Stitched by HSSS artisans in India, these wallets are a way to show your love of cycling while helping workers in rural India achieve financial well being through fair, sustainable income.

3.) Cycle Care Kit

Bike Care Kit

F.A.  Seeds’ Cycle Care Kit helps you keep your ride well-oiled, clean and shiny. Mindy, our HR manager and an avid biker, took the kit for a test drive. Check out our Biking to Work post to see what she thinks of the kit so far.

4.) Reversible Bike Tube Striped Hobo

Bike Tube Hobo

Ash gray or flame orange? You can have both with this two-in-one hobo bag. The Bike Tube Striped Hobo is reversible, making it perfect when you’re looking for a neutral bag or when you need a bold accessory to add a pop of color to your outfit. It’s also made of hand-dyed canvas and recycled bike tubes, so you can tote your love of cycling while toting this handy hobo. If you’d rather rock a recycled bike tube bag with longer strap for that daily bike commute, check out the Bike Tube Striped Messenger Bag.

5.) Bike Chain Bracelet

Artist Graham Bergh and his team make these unisex accessories from actual discarded bike parts. Bike chain bracelets are not only a good choice for those who prefer to skip silver bangles andl flashy gems—they’re also a statement piece for those wanting to show a little bike pride!

Our buyers are looking for more uncommon bike goods to add to our product selection. Visit our community voting tool to let us know what you think of these hand-painted Bike Bells and the Bike Doormat.

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