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Announcing Our En‘light’ened Winners!

April 7, 2011

Congratulations to the winners of our first Earth Month 2011 Giveaway! These six Earth-loving readers vowed to step-up and make positive changes to make every day Earth Day.

Here’s how the winners of our Recycled Pelican Night Lights are making a difference:

“I will continue to 1.) Recycle, even though my condos don’t, and try to get more neighbors to as well. 2.) Buy less plastic. 3.) Stop using zip lock bags. 4.) Recycle batteries. 4.) Remember to take to go containers into restaurants 5.) Ride my bike more, building up courage to ride on the streets! Memphis is adding lots of biking lanes and trails! 6.) Continue teaching my 6th grade students to reuse, reduce and recycle 7.) Keep my windows open whenever possible, love fresh air!”

“I pledge to:  Use reusable bags for shopping. Compost. Buy local (farmer’s market). Grow own produce. Not consume bottled water. Try and be as least wasteful as possible. Reduce, re-use, recycle.”

“I pledge to look at the packaging more often and to not forget my fabric grocery bags at home so that I cut down on the plastic bags at the store!”

And the winners of our Recycled Sandpiper Night Lights are doing their part:

“ I recycle everything I can, but to step it up this year, I pledged to cut down on my junk mail. I enlisted the help of 41lbs. to assist in keeping my new year’s resolution!!”

“I already recycle everything possible. I have very little trash both at home and at work. I will not be wasteful and abuse our beautiful Earth! We have a great recycling center where I live and they take everything possible!”

“I pledge to continue creating my artwork by using recycled materials. And to continue recycling and composting at home.”

Thank you to everyone who entered this week’s giveaway! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for another chance to win some great Earth-friendly items. We’d give you a hint, but we don’t want to break it down too much for you.

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