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Get Your Green: In The News This Week

October 12, 2010

Windpower meets web powerhouse: Google looks to invest up to $5 billion in wind farms to fuel its growing data centers. [USA Today]

The Brazilian government is set to auction off substantial plots of the Amazon rainforest to private lumber companies in an attempt to “reduce demand for illegal logging.” But will controls be tough enough? Stay tuned. [Reuters]

Pop Art: Learn how to make a chic handbag from soda can pull-tabs. Need inspiration? Check out our Pop Can Clutch.  [UncommonGoods and Naturally Savvy via Planet Green]

London graffiti star Banksy makes a bold, environmental statement in his newly-directed intro on The Simpsons: [Gizmodo]

He’s only 11 years old, but organic food activist Birke Baehr is making headlines for his impassioned talks about genetically modified food. Watch him take the stage here. [Planet Green]

Noise pollution makes the list as a top offender, reports the National Academy of Engineering: “Naturally quiet places are an endangered species in the U.S.” [Tree Hugger]

Sharpen your pencils! Naturally Savvy discovers a cool, green recycled newspaper  pencil that rocks her word. We’re huge fans of the smencil, too. Check them out here. [UncommonGoods and Naturally Savvy]

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