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13 Wellness Gifts to Help Mom Unwind

April 18, 2019

If you could bottle up that post-yoga, fresh-from-the-sauna, mid-meditation feeling and give it to your mom for Mother’s Day—you would in an instant. We’ll do you one better with this guide full of soothing designs for moms who could use a bit of self-care this year. Check them out below.

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Our Favorite Birthday Gifts for May 2019

April 18, 2019

Need a birthday gift idea? Look no further, we’ve assembled our favorite gifts for all types. Go ahead… have a look.

1. DIY hot sauce for your favorite foodie.

Have you, too, run out of hot sauces to give your spiciest friend? Here’s a suggestion: Give them the tools to make their own.

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit – $34.95 Buy Now »


2. Tacos for their toes (and feet, and ankles).

Everyone knows a taco lover, and these cozy socks are the ultimate tribute to their tasty Mexican indulgence of choice.

Men’s Taco Socks – $10 Buy Now »


3. A cleansing candle for the birthday buddy seeking calm.

Cleansing ritual candle | UncommonGoods

For years, people have burned sage to cleanse a new home. Take that idea and add a little lavender, cedar, and lilac crystals and you’ve got this candle. It’s a fun way to help someone move into a new year, symbolically clear the air (and their head), and get a fresh start on what’s ahead.

Cleansing Ritual Candle – $24 Buy Now »


4. A mini version of a backyard classic: Tabletop Cornhole.

Behold! Tiny bean bags and tabletop launcher–so you and your bestie can play cornhole in the house without fear of beaning a window.

Tabletop Cornhole – $45 Buy Now »


5. Give them personal photos in this vintage-inspired viewer.

Help friends honor their favorite moments with this custom reel viewer powered by nostalgia.

Create Your Own Reel Viewer – $29.95 Buy Now »


6. An empowering symbol for the woman who’s inspired you.

This handmade necklace features cracked glass held between two glass panes, making it a lovely symbol for all the women out there crushing it every day.

Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace – $68 Buy Now »


7. A happy little mug for the painter or art lover.

This mug is almost as magical as Bob Ross. Fill it with hot liquid and one of the painter’s masterpieces appears behind him.

Paint with Bob Ross Mug – $16 Buy Now »


8. Colorful light-up bath toys for the creative kid in your life.

Get these friendly bath toys wet and they light up. They’ll also light up the birthday kid’s face.

Glowing Bath Time Pals – $20 Buy Now »


9. Grow-your-own birth month blooms for the flower child.

These DIY flower kits come in flowers for all 12 months. Your pal will definitely smile and think of you fondly with each budding leaf.

Birth Month Flower Grow Kit – $34 Buy Now »


10. Colorful puzzles for the friend who’s up for a challenge.


Geode Puzzle | UncommonGoods

These laser-cut jigsaw puzzles aren’t just pretty, they also provide a fun, next-level challenge.

Geode Puzzle – $60 Buy Now »


11. Fragrant soaps that mimic the look of real birthstones.

Birthstone Mineral Soaps | UncommonGoods

These soaps are so pretty, we wouldn’t begrudge you buying more than one. Colored completely with veggie-based dyes, they’re loaded with invigorating minerals and soothing vitamin E oil.

Birthstone Mineral Soaps – $20 Buy Now »


12. Shot glasses they can eat for dessert.

Chocolate Waffle Shots | UncommonGoods

Fill them with ice cream, espresso, or—if the mood is right—a little liqueur.

Chocolate Waffle Shots – $24 Buy Now »


13. A glass to toast to their favorite town.

City Map Glass | UncommonGoods

An intricate city map, street names, and city coordinates are all etched into this glass for some serious celebration of their stomping grounds.

City Map Glass – $16 Buy Now »


14. An army of om.

Yoga Joes | UncommonGoods

This troop’s mission? To keep inner peace. They come packaged in a mini “studio” with a bamboo floor, and serve as a reminder to soldier through basic (yoga) training.

Yoga Joes – $25 Buy Now »


15. A serving bowl that’ll make a splash at their next dinner party.

Shaped like a rowboat, this silver-plated serving bowl lends lakeside charm with its wooden oar utensils.

Row Boat Serving Bowl with Wood Serving Utensils – $65 Buy Now »


16. Give their favorite whiskey a personalized spin.

This miniature oak barrel accelerates the aging process. The recipient’s choice of liquor will hit its prime up to ten times faster!

Personalized Whiskey Barrel – $85-200 Buy Now »


17. Putty with magnetic powers.

Made with micron-sized iron-based particles distributed throughout, this putty takes on magnetic properties when placed in close contact with the included magnet.

Super Magnetic Putty – $14 Buy Now »


18. Bottle stoppers specially colored for their birth month.

Birthston Wine Bottle Stopper | UncommonGoods

They’re made by fusing bits of crushed colored glass to the clear stuff, then blowing a beautiful globe from the mix.

Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper – $24 Buy Now »


19. A book of New York Times front pages from each year on their birthday.

This special collection features front pages from each year since their birth, personalized with name and birth date, and preserved in a handsome library binding. A unique snapshot of history seen through the lens of their special day!

Personalized Whiskey Barrel – $85-200 Buy Now »


20. A cheese board that folds up when the party’s over.

Make sure they invite you + the holy trinity over next weekend: brie, aged gouda, and spicy honey.

Compact Swivel Cheese Board with Knives – $42-64 Buy Now »
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Thoughtful Gifts
to Give Mom All the Feels

April 17, 2019

Gifts for mom | UncommonGoods

Oh, Mom. If there’s anyone in this world who can make your heart swell, it’s her. This Mother’s Day, lean into the mush and get her something that will make her feel over-the-top appreciated. We’re here to help with these 12 gifts that will warm her heart. Pick out one (or two! or three!) and enjoy spoiling the most deserving lady in your life.
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12 of Our Favorite
New Mother’s Day Gifts

April 16, 2019

Mother’s Day’s on the way, and you’re racking your brain for new and exciting gift ideas to express how infinitely special Mom is. Well, we’re here to help. Like, that’s our actual job. We’ve put together a select list of gifts that we didn’t have last Mother’s Day. Whether she’s into entertaining, birdwatching, or getting her feminism on, you can say, “Thanks for raising me!” with something she’ll love—we guarantee it.

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Video | 4 Mother’s Day Gifts for Impossible-to-Shop-for Moms

April 15, 2019


1. Long Distance Friendship Lamp – Mid-Century

Long Distance Friendship Lamp – Mid-Century – $95-190 Buy Now »


2. Luscious Lip Balm Storage Necklace Set

Luscious Lip Balm Storage Necklace Set – $12.99-89 Buy Now »


3. Orbits Eye Stones

Loved by the Today Show.
Orbits Eye Stones – $20 Buy Now »


4. Blooming Tea

Blooming Tea – $21 Buy Now »


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Mother’s Day Gifts
for the Impossible-to-Shop-for Mom

April 15, 2019

Your mama taught you that you can do anything. “Just set your mind to it,” she said. Who knew she was setting you up to someday find her the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Sure, it’s not easy picking out something for the lady who already has everything (or claims she doesn’t want anything), but you CAN do it. Our list of gifts for the impossible-to-shop-for mom can help.
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Design, Maker Stories, The Uncommon Life

Video | Maker Story: How Meaningful Objects Helped This Designer Through Cancer Treatment

April 11, 2019

Through intense treatment, two-time cancer survivor Casey Benjamin surrounded herself with objects that inspired hope and reminded her to stay optimistic. Now, she’s paying it forward with her radiant, positivity-provoking designs. We visited her studio to learn more about her beautiful charms!

“These symbols were chosen for their power and purpose. Each charm is meant to tell the wearer’s personal story. They represent past experiences and accomplishments, as well as future hopes and dreams.“

I want to create jewelry loaded with good juju to help people rally hope and power through life’s difficult moments.”

Shop Juju Charms – $55-223 Buy Now »


Shop Juju Charms – $55-223 Buy Now »

“I wear charms to protect me and to remind me to live for today.”

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The Uncommon Life

Slainte! The Surprising Story of Irish Whiskey & St. Patrick’s Day

March 7, 2019

The Shamrock GlassCelebrating St. Patrick’s Day

You might not feel particularly lively the morning after a festive St. Patrick’s Day celebration, but that doesn’t stop many from partaking in the “water of life” in honor of Ireland. In other words, the rivers of Irish Whiskey will flow on March 17.

This golden-brown beverage has a rich history, so we thought we’d share a little more about Irish Whiskey.

Yours, Mine, & Ours Decanter Det

Yours, Mine, and Ours Engraved Decanter Set – $65 Buy Now »


Uisce on the rocks, please.

Where did whiskey come from?

Actually, whiskey as we know it came to be in Ireland. In the 6th century monks used distilled grains as the base for medicines. They called it “Uisce Beatha,” in Goidelic, or “water of life,” thanks to its healing properties. (While some may argue that whiskey doesn’t have any healing properties, keep in mind that it is antiseptic and a pain killer.) Over time, the spirit became known as “whiskey,” a mispronunciation of “Uisce.”


Irish Spirit

Whiskey love spread across Europe over time. For example, to Scotland, where it developed in to Scotch. It’s said that Queen Elizabeth I enjoyed imbibing in the distilled drink, and Peter the Great once proclaimed, “of all the wines, the Irish spirit is the best.”

Irish Whiskey Shamrock Glass
Sham-Rock Glass – $48- $50 Buy Now »


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