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Bursting the Bubble: Why We’re Ditching Inflated Plastic Packing Material

August 8, 2017

There are a lot of businesses that solely focus on profit… but we’re not one of them. Of course, we do need to make a profit to succeed as a business. But it’s also important to us that in everything we do, we use our business as a force for good. That means having a positive impact on people and our planet–and continuing to make the changes that will help us do more good. 

Thanks to your feedback and our partners at Emerald Brand, a company specializing in revolutionary eco-friendly products, we are officially ditching inflated plastic packing material. While those little air-filled plastic bubbles might be fun to pop, they’re not exactly environmentally friendly. We’re excited to announce that your goods will now be shipped using Emerald Brand paper-based packing material made with 80 percent post-consumer fibers, which is not only recyclable, but also compostable. 

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The Uncommon Life

Uncommon Personalities: Meet Christopher McRae

March 10, 2014

Christopher Mcrae | UncommonGoodsChristopher McRae, UncommonGoods SQL Specialist
My hometown is…
Brooklyn, NY.

I’m inspired by…
Cee-Lo Green the Soul Machine.

When I’m not working I’m probably…
Staring into space listening to Revolver by the Beatles on repeat.. while doing the Robot.

I’m stubborn about…
What I consider good music.

An uncommon fact about me…
I wear non-prescription glasses in communal institutions to obscure my vision and help me avoid awkward social interactions. And because of how awkward I am that’s pretty much all social interaction.

In my next life, I want to come back as…
A half-man, half-android, half-bionic cyborg, so my break dancing will be beyond reproach… I also might figure out how fractions work.

Working at UncommonGoods I’ve learned…
That true teamwork and understanding are imperative to the sustainability of a business big or small, that the number of bodies crammed into a building don’t amass to the amount of soul given by the people who choose to come work that company day in and day out. And on that note I’d like to give a shout out to Danielle, Gio, Q, Crystal, and Ray-and-dem!!!!!

Would you rather… Not need sleep or not need food & water?
Not need food and water, of course. This way I can sleep forever now that the only two necessities waking me up are no longer a burden.

The Uncommon Life

A Journey Through the UncommonGoods Warehouse

December 17, 2013

So many boxes are coming and going through our warehouse right now – from Inbound where products arrive from our artists and vendors, to Outbound where your orders are carefully assembled and packaged for shipment. In this bustling time in our facility, we wanted to share the journey of a package through our space here in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

We hope you enjoy!

The Uncommon Life

Uncommon Personalities: Meet Daniella Lee

December 13, 2013

Daniella Lee | UncommonGoods

Daniella Lee, UncommonGoods Operations Team Lead
My hometown is……
Banbury, Oxfordshire, England

My favorite process in the warehouse is……
Keeping the warehouse in stock at all times!

The best gift anyone has given me was……
My dog Mutley which was given to me by a friend.

I’m passionate about……
Life…Enjoying it to the fullest!

When I’m not at work, you’ll find me…
Spending time with my family and my good friend Scary! (Yes, Scary is a person! That is her nickname.)

An uncommon fact about me….
I’m a little crazy, but in a good way.

Working at UncommonGoods, I’ve learned……
How to better my communication and computer skills.

Would you rather…… go on a dream vacation for two weeks, or spend five days with anyone in the world, but you must stay in your own neighborhood?
Hell yes! A dream vacation would be wonderful, when can I leave?

The Uncommon Life

Uncommon Personalities: Meet Ryan Campbell

December 10, 2013
Ryan Campbell | UncommonGoods
Ryan Campbell, UncommonGoods Senior Manager
My hometown is……
Middletown, NJ

I’m inspired by….
My girlfriend, my family, and people who achieve greatness through hard work.

I’m passionate about…
Traveling and experiencing new cultures, great music, doing the right thing, and the New York football Giants.

My favorite process in the warehouse is……
Developing team members into great leaders and seeing them own the process themselves.

Something I’ve done in my life that I’m especially proud of is……
Recently, my brothers and I have set up a charity organization in honor of my mother, who passed away from terminal breast cancer this past January. Our goal is to provide financial support to families who are dealing with a terminal or life threatening illness. Our first annual golf outing helped us to raise over $15,000, which will go towards a family in need during the holidays.

An uncommon fact about me……
I played high school football with Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno.

Working at UncommonGoods I’ve learned……
Many things, but one thing that stands out so far to me is that it’s possible to run a company where the bottom line is not the top priority at all times.

Would you rather… Have a great personal chef, or a great personal trainer (assuming money was no object)?
Personal chef, all the way. I would recruit one of our team members, Roland Glenn, who tears it up in the kitchen!

The Uncommon Life

Uncommon Personalities: Meet Cale Beckman

November 29, 2013
Cale Beckman | UncommonGoods

Cale Beckman, UncommonGoods Outbound Warehouse Senior Manager of Operations

My hometown is…
Staten Island, NY

I chose to go into warehouse operations because…
I enjoy the fast-paced nature of operations and I love to solve problems. Things often can change in a moment’s notice and I love the challenge of thinking on my feet to develop creative solutions to ensure that we continue to provide excellent service to our customers.

The cheesiest thing I’ve ever loved is…
Cheez-its – Yum!

If my 2nd grade teacher could see me now, she would say…
You ask too many questions!

My favorite process in the warehouse is…
Picking. (“Picking” is when a team member selects a customer’s products from storage and gets their order ready for packing.) I love this process because there are so many ways to tweak it for efficiency, with immediate results.

An uncommon fact about me…
I was a professional DJ for many years and continue to DJ as a hobby.

Working at UncommonGoods I’ve learned…
To wear many, many hats.

Would you rather…be rich, famous, or neither?
I would rather be rich. I really wouldn’t like the attention of being famous. I could still do good with my riches without the problems of being famous.

The Uncommon Life

Uncommon Personalities: Meet Belinda Bringas

November 8, 2013
Belinda Bringas | UncommonGoods
Belinda Bringas, UncommonGoods Inbound Warehouse Team Lead

My home town is…

I’m inspired by…
My loving and devoted husband.

My guilty pleasure is…

Something I wonder about often is…
Is my daughter ever getting married?

Something I did that I never thought I’d be able to…
Work in a warehouse.

My favorite process in the UncommonGoods warehouse is...
Returning samples back to our artists. When I go to the shelf and see the samples the artists send to our merchants that need to go back to them. I try my best to cut card board pieces, wrap, and pad the items in a box to go back in the same way they came to UncommonGoods.

An uncommon fact about me is…
My color blind uncle taught me how to fix electrical wiring.

Would you rather… Go back to being a desk jockey, or give up ice cream forever?
I would take the desk job back, even if it killed me.

The Uncommon Life

Uncommon Personalities: Meet Bradley Allen

November 4, 2013

Bradley Allen | UncommonGoods

Bradley Allen, UncommonGoods Software Developer
My hometown is…
Fort Worth, TX

My favorite process in the UncommonGoods warehouse is…
Training! I love sharing knowledge.

I’m inspired by…
Creativity, authenticity, and integrity. People who do a lot with a little.

My favorite interaction with a UG team member has been…
Too many to choose from.

An uncommon fact about me…
When I was moving from Fort Worth to New York, I stopped to visit a friend in Nashville on the way, and picked up a day of work on the set of a country music video.

When I’m not working, I’m probably…
Wandering New York City with one of my film cameras. I shoot 35mm black and whites mostly, but my Polaroid cameras get a lot of use as well. [Check out some of the photos here.]

The word that best describes me…
Ambivalent. Again, there are so many good choices, how do I choose just one?

Working at UncommonGoods I’ve learned…
I love code! I’ve picked up SQL and VBA on the job here, and I’m teaching myself Ruby at home.

Would you rather… get front row seats to see your favorite comedian perform all new material OR get to eat for free at your favorite restaurant for a month?
Definitely my favorite comedian. The bigger question is: Am I getting tickets to see Louis CK or Dave Chappelle? See “I’m inspired by…” . They’re both creative, authentic people with integrity.