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Contest: #UGKidQuotes

May 14, 2015

#UGKidQuotes Contest | UncommonGoods

When you’re hanging out with the kids in your lives, don’t you wish you could write down everything they say? In between developing their own personalities and imaginations, kids always have the funniest, most charming perspectives on the world.  Knowing her memory couldn’t store all the delectable details of her kids’ lives, Artist Betsy Grimm searched for ways to preserve her favorite moments through art. Enter her hilarious Kid Quotes Custom Wall Art!

We are so excited about this colorful collection that we’ve decided to launch a contest to give away one free custom print! Share with us your favorite kid quote, including the child’s name and age, by leaving a comment below OR by tagging @uncommongoods via InstagramTwitter, or Facebook with the hashtag #UGKidQuotes. The best entry will be preserved into a custom print and mailed to the winner!

Official Rules:

1.) As long as your quote makes us smile, it can include anything from charming remarks, jokes, witticisms, observations, declarations, or profound statements.
2.) Make sure to submit the child’s name and age at the time of the said quote.
3.) Your entry must be PG and kid-friendly to qualify for this contest.
4.) Enter via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or in the comments section below by May 31, 2015. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #UGKidQuotes with your entry.

Tips for choosing your quote:

1.) Keep your quotes short. The fewer the words, the bigger and bolder they’ll be.
2.) Take advantage of the “context line” to communicate part of the story. See an example in the image below.
3.) We won’t tell if you want to take a little creative license to make the quote shorter!

Good luck!

#UGKidQuotes Contest | UncommonGoods

The Uncommon Life

Contest: #ShareAQuote

August 14, 2014

Share A Quote Contest
We’re absolutely in love with jewelry designer Jen Pleasants’ organically-shaped, handmade, wearable pieces of inspirational art. So, when we learned that she’s in search of the perfect phrase to inscribe on her next design, we couldn’t wait to help her find it! But, we can’t do it alone. We need your help, too!

Send us your favorite quote or mantra by posting it on our Facebook timeline or tweeting it @UncommonGoods with the hashtag #ShareAQuote. If Jen picks your entry, you’ll get a bracelet featuring those winning words!

Official Rules:

1.) Your saying should motivate, inspire, or encourage overall good vibes.
2.) Make sure your meaningful message is short and sweet. It must be 60 characters or less.
3.) Sayings should be original, attributed to anonymous authors, or in the public domain.
4.) Enter via Facebook or Twitter by Sept. 1, 2014. Don’t forget to hashtag your entry #ShareAQuote.

She Believed She Could | UncommonGoods


Don’t Resist the Temptation!

July 11, 2011

Our product development team is hard at work planning a new good perfect for the sweet tooth or chocoholic.  Whether it’s  decadent dark chocolate, gooey caramel, fluffy nougat or another sweet indulgence you love, a Candy Bar Holder lets you keep your non-so- secret chocolate stash out in the open to be admired.

The pewter stand, which doubles as a paperweight, is complete with Oscar Wilde’s famous quote: “I can resist everything but temptation.”

Visit our Community Voting App to vote and let our product developers know what direction you’d like to see this potential product take!