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Uncommon Personalities: Meet Sheronne Peters

June 12, 2014

Sheronne Peters | UncommonGoods

Sheronne Peters, UncommonGoods Vendor Operations Coordinator
My hometown is…
Brooklyn, NY

An uncommon fact about me…
It could be a slight Napoleon complex I have going on or having an older brother but I am a very competitive person, always aiming to win. I frequently have silent walking competitions with unaware people on the street – SSHHH!

Working at UncommonGoods I’ve learned…
There are people out there that are genuinely ready to help you better yourself.

I’m inspired by…
People, good or bad; their actions in one way or another shape how I choose to carry myself.

If my 6th grade teacher could see me now, he or she would say…
“Aww, Ms. Peters, we still can’t get you to stop talking.”

The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen is…
When I was about twelve, my older brother pulled the “I’m older” card when we discovered bubble gum flavored toothpaste in my house, so he went first to try it out. About a minute into brushing with his teeth tightly clamped together he mumbles, “is ooo.” I’m sitting there with tooth brush in hand waiting my turn and he continues, “is ooo.” It turned out to be bubble gum flavored denture glue and he glued his mouth shut. It may not be what people constitute as a beautiful thing to see, but I’ve never laughed so hard. With the cool persona my brother tends to portray, this was a beautiful thing to me.

If I won the lottery, I’d…
Donate to as many charities as I can without going too overboard, this little lady would like to own a house of her own someday.

Would you rather…have your own library filled with every book you’ve ever read or wanted to read OR have the ability to remember any 10 books word for word?
I’ve never said this out loud–but I don’t like when people are able to quote parts of movies during conversations, like I’m supposed to know what they’re talking about. 99% of the time I wouldn’t know, even if I’ve seen the movie numerous times. So you would imagine this goes for books as well… so library of books it is!

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Gift Lab: Tea to Go

May 21, 2014

Tea to Go | UncommonGoods

Do you know that person who wakes up with just enough time to brush, shower, and dress and barely catch the train? Well that’s me. I’m all about getting things to go, in order to save time – typical New Yorker, I know. Hence the reason I chose the Tea to Go for my experiment, figured it would make the difficulties of staying warm on the go, a thing of the past.

I am hoping that this keeps my tea warm without burning my hand, as well as keeping it hot for at least an hour. With public transportation being as unpredictable as it is, this would be a big thing for me.

I’m going into this with no knowledge of how the glass apparatus would hold up against the traditional metal thermos that I’m used to. The plan is to use the Tea to Go all the ways that it has been advertised and to see if it meets the needs of someone who’s the definition of a person on the go.

First, I got everything prepared: a kettle of boiling water, 1 peppermint tea for those frigid mornings, 1 peach tea with ice for the playful days, and some loose White Riesling tea for those sleep-in mornings that you can only dream of.


The body consists of very a thick glass tube and a heavy duty rubber grip. The inner body includes a small perforated section for the tea, then a long portion where the liquid will flow through. I didn’t realize how tall it was until I put it next to my jar of Linguini noodles and, as you can see, it’s right up there.

Tea to Go | UncommonGoods

According to the instructions, I poured the hot water through the small compartment for the tea bag – that was a no go. The water took really long to fill up the tube and I wasn’t about to wait. It made sense if you had to time to allow your tea seep and brew a stronger tea, which wasn’t what I was going for. Instead, I filled up the tube from the larger side and things went smoothly. After letting it sit for 10 minutes, I gave the bottle a slight tilt to allow everything to diffuse evenly and off we go.

Making Tea | UncommonGoodsHot Tea | UncommonGoods

The rubber grip was hotter than I expected, but definitely manageable. After being out of my house for 20 minutes the tea was still extremely hot, and I had to implement the blow-and-sip method, which worked just fine. After being in public transportation for an hour, my tea kept hot (and this is with me keeping the top off so in order to drink). It didn’t really cool down at all, I still had hot tea after an hour and half – that’s a plus.

Loose Leaf Tea

I also gave it a try with loose leaf tea. From looking at the perforations you can tell that large loose tea leaves are the best choice, so that you don’t have leaf residue floating around. I didn’t take that into account until much later. Even though some of the excess tea got in the drinking tube, it was not a big deal. But it’s just something to keep in mind for those who don’t like things floating in their drinks.

The Tea to Go certainly holds up for hot tea 100%. NY Winter – here we come!

Iced Tea to Go | UncommonGoods

Next I gave the bottle a try with iced tea. I let the Peach tea bag seep in a little bit of boiling water before adding filtered water. The water was still relatively warm so I decided to add some ice cubes, which quickly melted but were able to provide me with a cold drink. Took my book, iced tea and an orange and enjoyed the break from freezing temperatures and read for a few on my stoop.

I came back in after an hour with very little tea gone (Harry is just that captivating!), and I was amazed to find out it was still very cold, like a beverage right out the fridge.

Being a person who lives in New York and has experienced the wonders of Jack Frost first hand, the Tea to Go has become my accessory for those cold rushed mornings. It’s a pretty simple but effective device that will keep my hands and tea warm.

Not only is it good for those frigid mornings we’ve come to love, but it’s versatile enough to keep tea cool for those strolling days. I’m thinking it’s going to come in handy as summer approaches, since it has officially been added to my morning check list – keys, metrocard, money, and Tea to Go.

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