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How to buy gifts for the team

September 22, 2021

“Great news – The company wants to get appreciation gifts for the staff, and you get to run with it! Oh and by the way, we need it done in two weeks. Have fun!”

That kind of news can be as stressful as it is exciting. This is supposed to be a good thing, right? Finally, you can get something nice for the folks who keep your company running, but now you have to figure out how to make that happen.

You probably have some unanswered questions: What do you do first? How do you come up with something for a whole team that makes everyone feel appreciated? And how is this all going to fit in your office (and your calendar!) while you’re organizing it?

This might seem a little daunting at first, but don’t worry, you can handle it. And it’s well worth the effort when you see how a thoughtful gift to your coworkers brightens their day.

We put together this brief guide to help you through the process, reduce your stress and give your coworkers a thoughtful gift that they’ll appreciate.

Shower Spa Kit

A wellness kit to give your team a spa day at home.

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The Uncommon Life

Mixtape Mixed Drinks: Creamsicle Cocktail Recipe

September 12, 2013

This creamsicle recipe is sweet, bubbly, and doesn’t require any actual cream.

Creamsicle Cocktail Recipe

A Mixtape Glass filled to the brim with Creamsicle is cool and sweet.

The Drink:
1 part vodka
1 part Cointreau
1 Part Cola

The Playlist:
1. In the Summertime–Mungo Jerry
2. Dimples–John Lee Hooker
3. Mas Que Nada–Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66
4. Summer Night–Sunlightsquare
5. Cherry Tree-Grand National
6. Transatlantic–Quantic

The Uncommon Life

Uncommon Personalities: Meet Lee Griffin

August 26, 2013

Operations Manager Lee Griffin

Lee Griffin, UncommonGoods Senior Manager – Operations

My hometown is…
Dallas, PA

I chose to go into warehouse operations because…
The type of work that we do in the warehouse naturally fits my personality. I like to solve problems, organize, and constantly improve. I thrive on variety, challenges and being in the action. I’d be hard-pressed to find an environment better suited to me.

I’m inspired by…
The opportunity to push my limitations. And the seemingly boundless capacity for growth and achievement in the people I see here every day.

My favorite interaction with a UG team member has been…
Extending offer letters to my team. The most rewarding part of what I do is seeing the satisfaction and security that they get from their work here.

An uncommon fact about me…
I learned to read music before I learned to read English. It took me a while to understand why “flat” isn’t spelled with a “b”…

When I’m not working, I’m probably…
Spending time with my lovely wife, experiencing something new – new music to listen to or play, new food to try, new places to visit.

The word that best describes me…
At this moment? “Stumped.”

Working at UncommonGoods I’ve learned…
A ton. Apart from a host of technical skills, I’ve learned that we (as individuals and as teams) have far greater potential than we think.

If you could teleport to another location for 24 hours with no limitations, where would you go and what would you do?
The heart of the Amazon Rainforest. I’d get lost – just go explore and look for something no one has ever seen before.