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Gift Lab: Will Using an Updated Instant Camera Be a Snap?

October 14, 2016
Instant Camera Gift Lab

As a photographer I’ve played with all kinds of cameras, from high-end digital cameras to dollar store 35mm, and Polaroids are no exception. So when I saw that the classic Polaroid camera has been re-imagined for the digital age with the I-1 Analog Instant Camera, I knew I had to test it out. With a trip to London and Paris coming up, I had the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

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The Uncommon Life

Uncommon Personalities: Meet Laura Rounds

September 27, 2015


Laura Rounds, UncommonGoods Photo Retoucher, Creative

My hometown…
A small town in New Hampshire.

I’m inspired by…
Everything, including countless hours of Pinterest.

The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen is…
A field filled with wildflowers in Yosemite.

My relationship with Mother Nature is…
Always having fresh flowers on my desk.

A piece of music I love so much that I played it until I was sick of it…
Any song by The Kooks.

If I could meet anyone, living or not, I would choose…
Pablo Picasso. I’m a huge art history lover and Picasso was involved in a lot of art movements. Just imagine the stories he would tell!

My favorite place to go in New York City is…
Governors Island. It’s a little escape from the city. Especially during the Jazz Age Lawn Party, when everyone dresses up like it’s the 1920s; it feels like you went back in time!

An uncommon fact about me is…
I used to do competitive roller skating. It’s just like ice skating but less cold.

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