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Super Sweet Gifts for All Your Valentines

January 23, 2017

Whether you’ve settled down with someone who sends you over the moon, are falling hard for a guy or gal you can see yourself with for the long haul, or are just getting to know a new flame, you’re probably thinking about getting them a gift for Valentine’s Day. Of course, February 14 isn’t only about romance. It’s also a time to show the other great loves of your life how much you appreciate them. Celebrate those close to you, whether they’re friends, family, or happen to have fur or fins, with this assortment of super sweet gifts for all of your valentines.

Gifts For Her

No time to write her an epic love poem? (Or just need a little something to go with the masterpiece you penned?) These gifts may not be in iambic pentameter, but they will help you spell out how great you think she is.

Notes of Wine Perfume | UncommonGoods

Perfume may be a traditional Valentine’s Day gift, but these fun fragrances are contain hints of the unexpected. From red to white to rosé, each captures the essence of a vinyard varietal. | Notes of Wine Perfume


Finding the perfect gift for the mother of your children isn’t easy, but we think this one measures up. | A Mother’s Love is Beyond Measure Spoon Set


A candlelit dinner is already quite romantic, but this gorgous hand-wrought castiron candleholder can double the amour. | One Heart Candleholder


Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit | UncommonGoods

Mix-up a batch of these decadent delights beforehand and present them in a homemade heart-shaped box for a personal touch, or gift her the Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit  pre-DIY so the two of you can DIT (do it together). Now that’s a delicious date idea!


Oxytocin is a brain chemical associated with falling in love. This necklace is a piece of jewelry associated with your valentine feeling loved. | Oxytocin Necklace


A lovely reminder of that magical day you made it official, the “It All Began” Couple Map & Monogram Set makes a beautiful gift for your beautiful bride, even if it’s been years since you said “I do.”

The tiny person in this mossy proclamation of love is customizable, so you can pick a little guy or gal who looks like you to show her how you feel. | Love Grows Here Terrarium


Gifts for Him

The guy in your life may be strong and handsome, but he knows a manly man isn’t afraid to show his softer side. Show him your own inner softy with one of these sentimental (but not saccharine) gifts.

Nothing says “I love you” on Valentine’s Day like a crimson heart. This one also happens to be a hand-blown glass bowl. | Heart Bowl


Toast to your love with this Pop the Champagne Pillow. It may not contain alcohol like the real deal, but it is sure to make him get that slightly-dizzy, light-headed feeling that accompanies both romance and a little too much bubbly.


Guitar Glasses | UncommonGoodsSo, hearts aren’t his jam?  Let guitars cover for that classic Valentine’s Day symbol and he’ll be a fan of this rock ‘n’ roll quartet. | Guitar Glasses

Falling Linocut Print | UncommonGoods

A traditional Valentine’s Day card may end up stashed in a drawer, but this linocut is a love letter he will want to display for the world to see. | Falling Linocut Print


Like those lovely looks he gives you, this sculpture says it all…without any words. | Love You Always


Beating Heart in a Bottle Sculpture | UncommonGoods

If he’s a physics-loving fella he’ll be infatuated with a Beating Heart in a Bottle Sculpture. Moved by capillary action, the heart beats using water and gravity. (But if he isn’t into physics, you can always go with the whole “it’s powered by love” thing.)


Maybe you’ve already been together for years, but your love continues to grow.  | Grow Old With You Terrarium


Gifts for Kids

Give the apples of your eye something extra special (and unexpected!) this Valentine’s Day. We promise they won’t miss those mysterious heart-shaped chocolate samplers a bit.

Let your little ones know just how sweet they are with these squeezable LED light-up bears. (Plus, they’re “candy” sans the sugar-high!) | Gummy Bear Lights


This sterling silver circular pendant evokes the endless love between mother and daughter. Make it a sentimental gift for the teenaged (or grown-up) girl who’ll always have your heart.  | Circle of Love – Daughter


Endearing and educational, a plush anatomical heart shows your kiddo your soft side without getting too mushy. | Plush Organ


Lil’ Mib (short for Message in a Box), lets you record a short love note aloud. Set the kiddos up for hours of amusement by showing them how to experiment with the pitch knob after they hear your message! | Lil’ Mib


Think about it: do they really need another stuffed teddy bear? This kit keeps the cute factor, but takes it to a new level by letting your little one practice their focus and hand skills as they put the panda together piece by piece. | Mini Panda Model Kit


Gifts for Pets

The unconditional love our pets show us puts us measly humans to shame. Try to give some of those endlessly devoted vibes back with these gifts for pups, cats, and even your fish!

Water Garden Deluxe | UncommonGoods

If it’s a betta fish who has your heart, this is the gift to get. And there’s a bonus for you: you can grow your kitchen herbs right on top of this roomy, self-cleaning tank. | Water Garden Deluxe


Show Fido you know just how magical he is with this handmade statement sweater. | Unicorn Pet Sweater


We see a very occupied kitten in your future. From the adorable take-out container packaging to the farm fresh organic catnip inside, what’s not to <3 about this gift? | Catnip Fortune Cookies


It’ll feel like you’re on a G train straight to your pet’s little heart when they receive their hip new home. | Brooklyn Pet House


These toys live on beyond the instant-gratification of a real donut, and they’re a safe way to let your pup in on all the sweet treat fun of Valentine’s Day. | Squeaky Dog Donuts


For the Couple

Half for your significant other, half for you. These gifts are perfect for sharing, because when it comes down to it–what’s theirs is yours, right?

Because February is the perfect time to dream of warmer beach days together. | Personalized Family Beach Art


Share a toast to you both and enjoy an elegant nightcap from this Art Deco-inspired set. | Yours, Mine, and Ours Engraved Decanter Set


Warm your hearts as you sip warm coffee from these handcrafted reminders of your anniversary date. | Personalized Porcelain Faux Bois Mug Set


This keepsake box lets you keep three date nights (and bottles of vino) on deck for celebrating both the special days and the everyday. | Three Nights Wine Box


Bring the whimsy of a carved tree indoors with this cozy throw. Choose the season, add your initials and you’re ready for some serious cuddling.  | Personalized Tree Throw


Show that your abode is filled with warm and fuzzy feelings with this hand-loomed Peruvian rug. | Spread the Love Rug


From the year you met to the year you tied the knot, this Haight-Ashbury-inspired sign shows that you’ll both keep truckin’ together forever. | Intersection of Love Outdoor Sign


What’s cookin’ good lookin’? Here’s a subtle hint that you’d love some more breakfasts in bed. Plus, it still looks great propped on your kitchen counter when you’d both rather order out. | Personalized Cutting Board

Valentine's Day Gifts | UncommonGoods

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