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March 8, 2017

Save the Date - Tandem Bike Art - UncommonGoods

We know planning a wedding can feel both sweet and stressful, but we’re here to help you put the focus on the former. The invitations you choose are like a little preview of the big day, so finding just the right style, colors, design, etc., can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our collaboration with the absolute wedding invitation experts: Crane Stationery.

As a result of joining forces with Crane, our product development team has made five complete wedding suites available to our customers, each with a distinct aesthetic and production details that make them extra special. Follow along on the blog as we introduce you to each of these suites, and find the design that’s a perfect match for your own uncommon nuptials.

Tandem Bike Wedding Invitations - UncommonGoods

First up? The Tandem Bike Wedding Stationery. It features a whimsical, low-key design that’ll be a hit for hipsters, athletic-types, or anyone who wants a fun, carefree feel on their special day.

The idea for this suite originated with popular tandem bike customizable art from Patricia Carlin. Our product development team thought the fun, fresh design would make a great jumping off point for one of our new stationery sets. Senior Product Developer Tiffany Jyang said this particular art stood out because “we like[d] the way the tandem bicycle represent[ed] the union of a couple in a new and playful way.”

We got a look at some early bike color options courtesy of the PD team

The suite is accommodating to all kinds of unions, too. When asked what makes these invitations especially uncommon Tiffany said, “The customizable bride and groom characters (or bride and bride… or groom and groom). You can customize each person’s skin tone and hair colors, as well as the color of the bike.” The personalized nature of the design allows for an easy fit for any couple.

An inside look at Crane’s thermography press & the ink used for it

Crane pulled out all the stops when it came to the actual production of these invites, too. Tiffany noted that “thermography gives a raised and reflective quality to the text and black lines, and makes it more interesting and textural.” Another standout is the watercolor details in bright colors, which Tiffany described as “fun and on-trend.” The liner and the back of the invitation also feature an eye-catching bike pattern for a bit of a surprise as you open the suite.  

Finally, we asked Tiffany what kind of couple or wedding vibe she envisioned matching up with the Tandem Bike design. She told us, “This suite works really well for a casual, fun wedding. It could be for bike lovers but doesn’t have to be – the look is universal enough to work for a variety of styles. Perfect for vibrant couples who love a little whimsy.”

Looking for more wedding inspo? We’ve got you covered. Check out our customized Pinterest board to match with the quirky feel of the Tandem Bike design. 

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