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Crush the Clichés: Our Least Mushy Valentine’s Day Gifts

January 27, 2017

UncommonGoods | Our Least Mushy Valentine's Day Gifts

For many, Valentine’s Day means Cupid’s arrows, red roses, and hearts on EVERYTHING. But for a lot of other folks, the thought of presenting someone with a giant teddy bear holding a plush heart that reads, “I Wuv U” seems a little silly. Sure, we appreciate the classic approach to V-Day gifting, but we’re all for celebrating the holiday without all that over-the-top, sentimental, gooey stuff, too. In honor of those lovebirds who are sweet (but not sappy) and romantic (but still realistic), we created this collection of lovable gifts, minus the mush.

A-Maze-Ing Chocolate Server | UncommonGoods

How do you add an uncommon touch to a traditional Valentine’s Day gift? Pair that box of chocolates with this A-Maze-Ing Chocolate Server.


Mimosa Diagram Glassware | UncommonGoods

Champagne is pretty romantic, but it’s also perfect in a brunch cocktail. | Mimosa Diagram Glassware


Your head spins when you start thinking about how great they are. You feel love-drunk when you’re with them. They always raise your spirits. Say all that subtly, while gifting them something they’ll actually use. | Spinning Spirits Set


OK, this one is a little mushy, but we added it to spice things up. | Hot Sauce Lover Pillow


Any candle can set the mood, but a  Craft Wax Beer Candle adds ambiance and the scent of beer or cider, making in a home accent that goes beyond a romantic night in.


Now you can say, “I love you” while saying, “I totally support your obsession with golf.” | Set of Fore! Golf Glasses


There’s nothing cheesy about telling her you’re proud of her accomplishments. The Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace is the perfect way to do it. As far as gifts go, this one crushes it.


Sweets usually shine during Valentine’s Day. It’s about time someone gave savory the spotlight. | Chili Granola


Why does a Sparkling Wine Making Kit top your standard bottle of bubbly? It’s fun to make, it tastes great, and it shows that you’re planning to stick around for the next three months. (Hey, like a solid relationship, fermentation doesn’t happen over night!)


Being in love makes everything a little more fun. Even pulling weeds and researching natural pest control methods. | A Couple of Gardeners Hanging Sculpture


This art may be winter-themed, but it’s a not-too-mushy way to tell your valentine you love snuggling up with them year round. | Let it Snow Print

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