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Gift Lab: Does Our Silicone Suction Pet Set Have Staying Power?

October 16, 2017

Jackie, our very own PR pro, is back—and this time, she’s got pet bowls on the brain.


Silicone Suction Pet Set


About a year ago, I adopted a wonderful rescue cat from the Bronx named Orange Ivy Carter. Her name is inspired by Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy, but I modified it slightly since my Ivy is orange.

Editor’s Note: It’s worth mentioning that Ivy is something of a local celebrity here at UncommonGoods, where she frequently features in our #uncommonpets Slack channel. After all, who can resist those little paws?

So regal.

Although Ivy is perfect in every way (besides her habit of biting everything that moves and eating laptop chargers), she is a very, very messy eater. Her preferred method includes using her paws to fling food out of her bowl and eat it off wherever it lands, be it the floor or walls. The area around her bowls was a complete disaster, and her paper bag place mat had to be replaced every three days since it got so soggy. When I saw the Silicone Suction Pet Set had been added to our assortment, I knew I had to give it a try.

Exhibit A: Sad-looking paper bag; bits of scattered food.


If I switch out Ivy’s current bowls for these new ones, her eating area will be easier to clean and look nicer. However, I don’t think the bowls will help with her table manners or food-flinging tendencies.

Exhibit B: Ivy caught in the act. (Note the puddles.)


Ivy really likes eating, and is very protective of her food area, so I knew it would be a bit tricky to distract her while I switched out her bowls. I let her sniff the packaging while I pulled up the old ones, then let her “help” me take the new ones out of the box.

She investigates…

Next, I poured in her dry food on one side, and gave her a scoop of wet food on the other. If you’re planning on switching out your pet’s bowls like I did, I recommend doing it right around when you normally feed them. She seemed hungry, and went right up to her new bowls to eat without hesitation.

…and she approves!

As the weeks went on, I continued to see really great results with the bowls. She couldn’t tip them over or move them since the mat holds them in place. If you have thumbs, they’re easy to remove from the mat for washing. The mat, as I predicted, did not improve her table manners much, but did look way nicer than the old setup.

Just LOOK at that face.


If you have a pet who eats like they live in a barn, you should definitely consider purchasing these bowls. At $35, they’re reasonably priced and well made. The set is the perfect size for a cat or smaller dog, but if your furry friend is bigger, these ones will do the trick.

Keep kitty’s bowls from migrating
with your very own Silicone Suction Pet Set »

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