Coffee Brake: The Manual Three-in-One Coffeemaker

October 21, 2017

Coffee can be a complicated thing. Unless you’re drinking decaf, it signals speed and gulp-and-go morning motivation. It’s no accident that many American offices provide a steady stream of java, as if to say coffee equals productivity. But the slow food movement has put the brakes on preparing this fast-lane beverage. “Slow coffee is really asking folks to consider coffee as something more than just a caffeine jolt,” says Manual Three-in-One Coffeemaker designer Craighton Berman. Brewing methods like pour-over and French press that predate auto drip and K-cup coffeemakers have made a comeback. You could easily end up with a cabinet full of coffee paraphernalia, but Chicagoans and slow-coffee devotees Craighton and his wife and design partner, Emily, have a solution: a brewer that combines two manual methods with an insulating double-walled design.

Mindful Methods

Slow coffee culture takes a page from the traditional tea ceremony, an hours-long affair where every movement has meaning. Thankfully, you don’t have to dedicate hours to slow coffee, but the beauty of hand brewing lies in the multi-sensory experience. The smells, the sounds, the movements: it all makes for a ritual that produces an invigorating reward. Craighton and Emily’s design is an invitation to slow down and enjoy every moment. “It becomes a daily ritual where you clear your mind from all the things you’re thinking about and just focus on making your perfect cup,” says Craighton.

Pour-Over & Parenting

Nest the sleek black ceramic dripper in the pitcher, fill a standard auto-drip filter with your favorite coffee, and you’re ready for a hands-on pour-over experience. Let the swirling rhythm of pouring create a soothing state of mind. Pop on the cork lid and your brewer becomes an elegant carafe to take your pot of pour-over to the table and share with friends. “I’ve been making exclusively pour-over coffee for over a decade,” says Craighton, “even keeping it going as a young father, brewing with one hand while holding a baby with the other.” Those are some impressive pour-over skills.

French Connection

If you prefer the take-no-prisoners, robust brew of French press, this design has you covered. Just swap the ceramic dripper for the plunger and screen assembly, fill the carafe with your favorite coffee (ground for a French press, naturellement), add hot water, wait a few minutes, and plunge away the grounds. Voila! You’ve got a fresh pot of pressed perfection in an insulated glass carafe.

Cold Front

Like your caffeine kick cold? This system is always ready to chill. Just steep your cold brew mix in the corked pitcher overnight, and then French press it in the morning. You can even pour cold brew through the dripper to filter it a second time for more clarity in your cup. The double-walled carafe will help keep your cold brew from becoming room temperature brew.


Believe it or not, coffee isn’t everything. For those few hours of the day when you’re not exercising your inner barista, the carafe serves as an all-purpose pitcher for your favorite cold drinks. The natural insulation keeps your refreshments cold, while the spout helps filter out ice, citrus, and other aromatic additions when you pour.

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  • Reply Andrea Lassiter October 29, 2017 at 2:29 pm

    Was very interested until read – Made in China:(

    • Reply Hadley October 30, 2017 at 11:46 am

      Hi, Andrea. We appreciate your feedback. UncommonGoods is proud to offer products produced around the world and to provide information about where each of our items is made. Although we are rarely involved in the manufacture of a product, we strive to offer high-quality items from reliable suppliers and do not discriminate against products made in any particular country. Rest assured our buyers work very closely with our suppliers worldwide to ensure they comply with all safety rules and regulations.

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