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Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Perfect Date Night

January 22, 2016

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air. Speaking of mushy cliches, your Valentine’s plans don’t have to be full of them. Show your special someone that you’re up for anything with these gift picks for the perfect uncommon date.

Creative Valentine's Day Gift Ideas | UncommonGoods

Perfect Picnic 

A romantic picnic in the park (or on the living room floor, if February doesn’t quite provide park weather in your neck of the woods) is a great way to avoid crowded restaurants and get in a little one-on-one time.

Wine Bottle Carrier with Cutting Board | UncommonGoodsWould you like a little cheese to go with that wine? The answer is yes, and you can carry and present them both in style. | Wine Bottle Carrier with Cutting Board
I Love Hearts Large Tote | UncommonGoods

Packing for a picnic can be tricky, but thanks to this extra-large tote (that can hold up to 60 pounds!) it’s no big deal. Bye bye, basket! | I Love Hearts Large Canvas Market Bag


Silicone Wine Glass Set of 2 | UncommonGoods

Breakables on the go are a no-no. This squishy Silicone Wine Glass Set is a yes-yes.


Wooden Serving Caddy | UncommonGoodsWhether you need to keep condiments contained or pack a 6-pack, this Wooden Serving Caddy is a picnicker’s best friend.


Shadow Heart Necklace | UncommonGoodsWear this Shadow Heart Necklace on a sunny picnic date to cast a heart on your skin that says “I’m your Valentine!” or give it to your someone special as a token of your true love.


Raw Georgia Wildflower Honeycomb | UncommonGoods

Sure you could give your sweetie flowers, or the two of you could share this Raw Georgia Wildflower Honeycomb that contains the concentrated nectar of thousands of flowers.


Romantic Dinner

Can’t get a reservation? Transform your dining room into the most romantic restaurant in the neighborhood with this collection of goods designed to add amore to the ambiance. 
Crimson Heart Umbrella | UncommonGoods

The downside of dinner at home is that it means no hand holding on the walk to your dining destination. Rain or shine, adding a stroll to the evening’s agenda is a nice way to start date night off on the right foot. | Crimson Heart Umbrella
Vineyard Candles | UncommonGoods

Wine and candlelight probably come right to mind when you imagine the perfect romantic dinner. Vineyard Candles are a new take on that classic combination.

Horseshoe Heart Trivet | UncommonGoods

The oven probably won’t be the only thing heating up on Valentine’s Day. Share your heart, but protect your table. | Horseshoe Heart Trivet

Fondue for Two | UncommonGoods
Fondue for Two rhymes for a reason. (Sorry, that was kind of cheesy!)
Yours, Mine, and Ours Engraved Decanter Set | UncommonGoodsPerfect for mixing up signature cocktails to accompany the main course or serving after-dinner spirits to sip, the Yours Mine and Ours Engraved Decanter Set adds another shot of sophisticated style to your already seamless romantic evening.


Game Night for Two

Love shouldn’t be about playing games. Date night, on the other hand…
Truth or Dare Shot Glasses - Set of 4 | UncommonGoods

Get to know each other’s little secrets or find out just how adventurous your partner can be (and get a little tipsy along the way). | Truth or Dare Shot Glasses – Set of 4
100 Questions About Sex | UncommonGoods

100 Questions About Sex comes complete with X, XX, and XXX questions–so you can play whether you’re just getting to know your Valentine or are ready to get really intimate.

Mini Beer Pong | UncommonGoodsDrinking games aren’t just for college parties. Mini Beer Pong is a great addition to any beer-drinking couple’s laid-back evening in.What I Love About You By Me Book | UncommonGoods

The What I Love About You by Me Book does make a great gift when all filled-out and ready to read, but it also makes a great activity for two. Take turns filling out the pages and compare which quirks make each other’s eyeballs fill with hearts, cartoon-style.
Cheese & Crackers Serving Board | UncommonGoods

No game night is complete without an assortment of tasty snacks. | Cheese and Crackers Board
Yard Dominoes | UncommonGoods

Sometimes finding love is all about connecting the dots. |  Yard Dominoes


DIY Date

Consider yourselves a crafty couple? Pick a project and do it yourselves instead of just “doing dinner” on Valentine’s Day. 

DIY Unicorn Terrarium | UncommonGoodsMake a little magic together with a DIY Unicorn Terrarium Kit or show that your love will never go extinct with the Dinosaur version.
Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit | UncommonGoods

We know you don’t need any help heating things up, but a little extra spice couldn’t hurt. | Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit
Sushi Making Kit | UncommonGoodsWhen it comes to planning the perfect DIY Valentine’s Day date, you’re on a roll! |  Sushi Making Kit
Molecular Gastronomy Kit - Cuisine | UncommonGoodsYou and your Valentine have chemistry. Your dinner can too. | Molecular Gastronomy Kit
Date Night Bucket List | UncommonGoodsSometimes spontaneity can blow plans right out of the water. |  Date Night Bucket List
Love Sonnets - Fill in the Blanks Book | UncommonGoodsWhether or not you know it, you can both be poets. |  Love Sonnets – Fill in the Blanks Book
Tiny Mail Kit | UncommonGoodsWhat’s more adorable than a love letter? A teeny-tiny love letter. | Tiny Mail Kit

Risqué Rendezvous

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be cutesy and cuddly. These sensual selections are perfect for the pair who prefer hot and heavy instead. 
Caramel Sauce | UncommonGoods

These decadent sauces are perfect for drizzling over ice cream…and other things.  Caramel Sauce Set
Sexy Truth or Dare | UncommonGoodsThis is NOT the game you used to play at slumber parties, but it is just the thing if your date’s planning to stay overnight. | Sexy Truth or Dare
Love is Art Kit | UncommonGoodsCreating a beautiful painting can be as easy as expressing your love. Create a masterpiece this Valentine’s Day with the Love is Art Kit.
Let's Play Doctor - for Adults | UncommonGoodsYou don’t need a stethoscope for this role-playing game, but it will make your hearts race. | Let’s Play Doctor – for Adults
For Your Heart's Desire Message Box | UncommonGoods


Write sexy little love notes from the heart and stash them in a heart. | For Your Heart’s Desire Message Box

Wine Pearls | UncommonGoods

Keep your wine cool as the night heats up. | Wine Pearls   
Crackling Candles | UncommonGoods

No fireplace? No problem. Set the mood with the gentle sound and soft glow of Crackling Candles.

Spicy Honey | UncommonGoods

Spicy Honey is sweet, but also exciting. Just like your love life.


February 14th happens to fall on a Sunday this year, making Valentine’s Day the perfect excuse to go full brunch. 
Produce Candles | UncommonGoods

Don’t let dinner steal the spotlight. A candle at brunch is an equally lovely touch, especially when that candle adds the fresh scent of melon, kale, or cilantro. | Produce Candles




Breakfast in Bed Pancake Mix - Set of 3 | UncommonGoodsIt’s OK if breakfast in bed is actually more like brunch in bed. Consider sleeping in an extra Valentine’s Day gift. |  Breakfast in Bed Pancake Mix Trio or Weekend Brunch Pancake Mix TrioSpicy Syrup | UncommonGoodsHow do you make brunch a little saucy? Spicy Syrup.

Bloody Mary Diagram Glasses - Set of 2 | UncommonGoods

You and your partner are a match meant to be. So are booze and tomato juice.  Bloody Mary Diagram Glassware – Set of 2
Peanut Butter Sampler | UncommonGoodsTrue love melts you heart; this gooey good stuff melts in your mouth. |  Peanut Butter Sampler
Cocktail Jelly - Set of 4 | UncommonGoods

Don’t kill the romance by overdoing it on the brunch cocktails. Indulge in this Cocktail Jelly  instead. (Don’t forget to make a toast!)
Slate Serving Tower | UncommonGoodsStacked with fruit, mini muffins, or even after-brunch chocolates, the Slate Serving Tower is an adorable way to serve sweets to your sweetie.


Don’t Forget the Card

Love may not always come easy, but when you do find it, it’s free. So are these printable valentines. 



Printable Valentine's Day Fortune Cookies | UncommonGoods

Fortune favors the bold. Your Valentine will favor these Printable Valentine’s Day Fortune Cookies.
Printable Seven Deadly Sins Valentine's Cards | UncommonGoodsPrintable Seven Deadly Sins Valentine’s Cards show your love that you know you’re a lucky devil to have them. (But if your one and only is a cat lover, they might pre-fur the Video Kitty version.)


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    Good catch, Nick. While a collage party would be fun, I wouldn’t want to play beer pong during it. The risk of beer splashing and ruining the photos is too high! Thanks for the comment; we’re so happy to hear that you like our Valentine’s Day picks!

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