How Do You Pick Products to Feature in Emails?

March 1, 2016

The early stages of email planning happen months before an email is sent. In the early stages of planning, our email planning team looks at sales, best times of year to feature certain types of products, search data, and what we are most excited about sharing with our customers.

We try to show the breadth of our assortment through our emails, but also work within themes to make each email interesting and unique. We sell a wide array of items, ranging across nine different categories, and we try to pick a group of well-rounded items that appeal to the different tastes of our customers. When we have category-based emails (a jewelry email, for example) we aren’t necessarily picking items to show the breadth of our total assortment, but we do try to pick items that will show the variety of our assortment within that category.

In 2016 two of our biggest initiatives are newness and exclusivity. In addition to our classic customer favorites, UncommonGoods is a destination for exciting new products. Featuring new and exclusive items in our emails builds excitement and lets our customers know that we’re not only a place to buy gifts, but also a destination for exciting new designs that often can’t be found anywhere else.

After taking into account the inventory availability of an item, we work on the aesthetics of the email. We want the items in the email to be compelling and speak to our customer while also being visually appealing. Just like a visual merchandiser would do in a brick and mortar store, we want the products that are merchandised in the email to work well together and contribute to the overall flow of the email.

We also feature maker stories in emails from time to time, and take special care when picking products to be featured alongside their maker. We feature artists who have a compelling story, but also who create products that sell well on our site. High sales tell us that people are interested in those products and may want to know more about the story behind them.

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