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Gift Lab: Will Our Wax Warmer Melt the Competition?

December 21, 2016


Circle Stoneware Wax Warmer & Wax Melts


So, I kind of had an understanding of how the product works. I have the Glade plug-in version of it. I wanted to try this product because it’s super cute and I wanted to see if it would work the same as the Glade version. Also the product is something I would like. I love essential oils, and I usually burn scents everyday, so I knew I’d use it a lot.


The wax will take long to melt and the scent will take a while to fill up the room.


So, I unboxed it to find a small dish, the top part which holds the wax. I also found a bottom part where the candle goes, along with two different scent packs: lavender lemon and mountain pine.

I put the two parts together and lit the candle, then added the one lavender lemon wax cube.

To my surprise, it melted quickly–like within 45 seconds–and the scent started filling the room instantly!! I loved the smell, it was the perfect blend of two of my favorite scents. One whole cube can last up to three candles.

When the candle is finished, the wax cools and just returns back to wax form, however it leaves no waxy residue in the dish (which is awesome). After I completed the first cube of lavender lemon I used the mountain pine which has a very “earthy,” grass-like scent if you will..I didn’t really like it that much alone. When mixed with the lavender lemon (half a cube of each) it smelled much better. I also tried using essential oils with water and it worked well with it, and didn’t change when I decided to switch back to the wax scents.


I loved it!!! It melted and filled the room much faster than I expected. It was easy to set up and also very beautiful. It can pass for a nice decorative piece. I also loved how long each cube lasted–being that it’s kinda small, I was expecting it to last only one candle per cube. I would definitely give this as a gift. I truly enjoyed testing this. I loved the scents and the look of it. Even though it was wax and not oil it had the same effects.


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