Taco Serving Kit and Storage Box: Elevate Your Fiesta

April 11, 2016

Taco Night. So much to love… except for all the prep involved in setting the table – finding all the bowls you need to store your cheese, lettuce, beans, salsa, red onions, and guac…Not to mention the actual taco assembly – figuring out how to fill and eat it (whether you’re in the hard taco or soft taco camp) without everything spilling out…And then, at the very end, cleaning everything up and playing cabinet-Tetris to put all your bowls and dishes back into storage. What a workout. Taco Night would be so much better with a little bit of assistance.


Building a Better Taco Experience

It took us a while to dish up the final design for our Taco Serving Kit and Storage Box. We explored taco serving plate concepts that could keep the shape of your soft taco and prevent ingredients from falling out everywhere. We also looked at giant serving dishes with compartments for ingredients.

But none of those ideas really made Taco Night that much easier – either they were clunky serving pieces that would be a pain to store, they solved one problem in an okay-but-could-be-better way, or they were hard to clean and so complicated that you’d probably give up on Taco Night before it even began.41085_view2What if there was an all-in-one kit that would make it easy to serve and assemble tacos…and would be easy to clean up…and store once your fiesta was finished?

Enter the Taco Serving Kit & Storage Box. It comes with six Mexican glass bowls to hold the different ingredients you need in an attractive and coordinated way. We decided to go with two different size bowls because not all serving sizes are equal. Generally, you want to serve more of the main proteins and less of the toppings and condiments. Or maybe you do want a large bowl of shredded cheese. Either way, you get the flexibility you need with three large glass bowls and three small ones, each decorated with a vibrant colored rim.41085_view3To make your life even easier, the serving kit also comes with four taco holders to hold your hard or soft shell taco upright as you’re filling them up with all that good stuff. (Say adios to spilled salsa!) Everything fits neatly back into the wood storage box for a self-contained solution that stays totally organized until your next fiesta. No more last minute rummaging around for mismatched bowls. You can just get to the good part: eating your tacos. What a time to be alive!

Making the Taco Serving Kit and Storage Box

Taco Kit Image 1

Once we wrapped up the design, we knew it was original and creative enough to make the Uncommon Collection. The next step was figuring out the production. We knew we wanted to work with natural materials. That’s why we reached out to our manufacturing partner, JK Adams. They have a solid reputation for making quality wood products, so working with them seemed like a no-brainer.

We knew we could make the storage box using birch wood because it’s study and relatively lightweight. We also knew we had hot stamp capabilities, which would let us brand the wood with a special design to make the storage box something visually interesting and attractive, whether it’s packed away or out on the countertop.

Taco Kit image 2

Getting those Mexican glass bowls was a bit more of a challenge. We wanted to be sure they were easy to clean, so we specified that they had to be dishwasher safe. They also needed to be the right size to accommodate the typical taco toppings. But simple glass containers just wouldn’t cut it to elevate this kit to the creative heights that a Taco Tuesday demands. We were fortunate to be able to collaborate with Global Amici, a glassware company with a manufacturing partner in Mexico, to produce uniquely beautiful, recycled glass bowls that add a festive touch to the kit.

Taco Kit image 3

Once we had all the pieces in place, JK Adams helped us work through the sizing and dimensions of the storage box to keep everything in its place in an elegant and efficient way. You’ll never look at Taco Night the same way again.



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