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Baby Behavior & Bangs for Your Buck: Announcing Our #Momisms Contest Winners

May 6, 2016

In preparation for Mother’s Day, we teamed up with our friends at Mental_Floss to collect your most wow-worthy #Momisms, from the hilarious and sometimes embarrassing “I can’t believe she just said that” mom texts, to the heartwarming times when mom really did know best.

We expected to find zany witticisms and sage advice from moms and grandmas, but we had no idea we’d get so many great entries–making it pretty hard to pick just two winners.

We had a great time giggling over the witty, sassy, creative, and insightful ideas that moms and grandmas can conjure up. We couldn’t stand the thought of not sharing the joy from this contest, so before we get our #Momisms winners, we’ve rounded up our favorite quips and quotes for you to enjoy!

#Momisms Contest Winners

There were funny remarks that made us tilt our heads to the side….

*dog throws up* mom, from the next room: “is that my phone?!” #Momisms – @OneLawnWrangler (via Twitter)

“We were watching a documentary about the lemonati” “..illuminati?” “Yeah that” #momisms – @MadeynMarie1 (via Twitter)

My mom when we were in trouble as kids: “Come here immediately, if not sooner!” How does one arrive sooner than immediately?? #momisms – @JungatHrt (via Twitter)

If you guys can’t get along,  we’re going to do really boring things… like go to Target. #momisms #eitherwayiwin – Sarah Goodrich ‏@goodrichrunning (via Twitter)

…plenty of sassy remarks…

When you had the audacity to ask if dinner was ready Nana’s only response was “What do you want me to do, stick my head under it?!?” – Erin Barber-Gilligan (via Mental_Floss’ blog)

@mental_floss “Just wait until you have children. I’ll be the one laughing then.” #Momisms Ashley Goode ‏@ashrgoode (via Twitter)

“Next time you put dishes in the sink instead of the dishwasher 4 inches away, you’ll find them on your pillow” #momisms – eannine ‏@neeners006 (via Twitter)

Momisms Stock Image

…and, of course, wise advice.

My mother would say, “you will have to get glad in the same pants you got sad in.” Meaning, you were just going to have to get over the decision that she has made and that was all there was to it. – Melissa Wattigney (via The Goods, UncommonGoods’ blog)

My mom said: “Walk tall, think tall”. . .I always knew the first part was about standing up straight, but it took me a long time to figure out the second part was about keeping high ideals! Love you, Mom, wish I could hug you today! – Ellen Hughes (via The Goods, UncommonGoods’ blog)

My mom likes to say “Be good, and if you can’t be good then be careful!” – Michelle Carson (via The Goods, UncommonGoods’ blog)

My grandma always said, I used to worry that I had no shoes until I met the man that had no feet. It always put things in perspective!! #momisms #grandmaisms – Sara Fleming  (via Facebook)

Mom always said that “…with each childhood birthday, you get a new kid.” Meaning each year comes with changes. After having my own children I see this is very true. Tracy Ralls (via The Goods, UncommonGoods’ blog)

Birthday Cake | Momisms Stock Image

In the end, we went decided on two #Momisms that made us realize that moms are pretty much right about everything. Please join us in congratulating the contest winners!

#Momisms Don’t be afraid to spend $ on your hair. You wear your hair every day. You’d spend $35 on a sweater you may only wear a few times. ‏– @JulieVDot2 (via Twitter)

My mom has a new one every week. Yesterday’s was “Babies are funny. They never want to wear a hat but place everything on their head.” – @kaos7d (Via Instagram)

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