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Uncommon Personalities: Meet Dominique Smith

October 7, 2015


Dominique Smith, UncommonGoods Operations Administrator

My hometown…
I was born and raised in Brooklyn and then lived in the Poconos for 5 years, then came back. Guess I couldn’t stay away.

I’m inspired by…
Music and other people’s personal experiences. I find motivation and loads of inspiration by hearing people tell stories about their life. Mostly rich people talk about obstacles they’ve overcome. I always watch interviews and documentaries to learn more about people overall.

The word or phrase that best describes me…
Different! I’m a little bit of a lot. Awkward, inspirational, ambitious, unfiltered, humble, creative, mature, focused, etc. Most people compare me to other people my age (22) and stare at me in disbelief when I describe the things that I have done and want to do in my life. “You’re so different!” is what I hear the most. I’m sure it’s a good thing as that’s usually followed up with how advanced I seem in comparison. I don’t consider myself advanced; I’d rather describe that as focused.

When I’m not working, I’m…
Always working, lol. When I’m not working at UG, I’m planning out how I’m going to take over the world. Or at least how I’m getting my first million dollars!!

What is something you always wanted to be able to do?
I can do anything. If I really want to do it, I have plans in the works to get it done. If I only kinda sorta want to do it, I’m not going to do it. I only move with passion and purpose.

If I could learn to do one thing perfectly, it would be…
How to analyze stocks in order to make a living off it. Doesn’t seem to be anything better than waking up in the morning, sitting at your computer in your plush loft in Miami with a bowl of cereal and trading stocks making thousands or dollars in a day over the course of a few hours. Solely my opinion.

The best luck I’ve had in my life so far was…
I don’t really believe in luck; however, some pretty awesome things happen to me sometimes. For example, a few months ago I went to a real estate workshop. The teacher was trying to teach us how important having a mentor is. At one point he asked a question and no one knew the answer, so I asked one of the guys they designated as mentors to help us. When I related his answer to the teacher, he handed me a $100 bill. The same thing happened the next day. $200 for doing nothing!

If I could meet anyone, living or not, I would choose…
Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. Whichever one had about an hour of knowledge to give me. That’d be the longest, most exciting hour of my life!!

An uncommon fact about me…
I want to be able to retire by the age of 35. I won’t actually retire. I’m just saying I want to be able to at that age, and then travel the world as a motivational speaker. I have 13 years to do it!

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