How can I get my items featured in the Uncommon Collection?

August 10, 2015

The Uncommon Collection is a collection of products we promote as meeting our very highest standards for design and social responsibility, and can only be found at UncommonGoods. Being a part of the Uncommon Collection means that we’ve determined the product to be a clever integration of form and function or an expression of you, the maker’s, individuality. It also means that your product is exclusively found at UncommonGoods now and in the future.

Being a part of this collection also means that you go above and beyond for your employees, with a starting hourly wage at a minimum of 90% of the MIT living wage. As an Uncommon Collection vendor you would also comply with at least two of the three as follows: 1.) A paid time off policy for your employees. 2.) A recycling program for all primary and secondary materials used in manufacturing and packaging. 3.) Participation in a charitable giving program.

Finally, an Uncommon Collection vendor shares our vision of environmental protection, producing product made from one of the following: 1.) Natural source materia. 2.) 3rd party Certified Synthetic material 3.) Recycled, recyclable or upcycled material, and utilizes packaging that’s neither excessive nor wasteful; made primarily of materials that are partially or fully recycled; as well as compostable and/or recyclable; and, if relevant, keepsake packaging must provide added value that minimizes the chance it will be discarded.

As transparency is a big part of our vision for the Uncommon Collection, we proudly publicize all of the above, with each vendor identified and their specific business practices detailed. We look forward to any interest you may have in this program and any questions we can answer.

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