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Uncommon Personalities: Meet Kevin Davis

May 20, 2014

Kevin Davis |UncommonGoods

Kevin Davis, UncommonGoods Drop Ship Lead
My hometown is…
Brooklyn, New York

I’m Inspired by…
Being a singer, I’m inspired by music.

My style is…
Being comfortable.

The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen was…
My very first pay check that I had earned almost 33 years ago, which gave me a sense of responsibility.

An uncommon fact about me…
Is that I have 32 godchildren.

I’m stubborn about…
Time, since it is important and can be very precious to others, I feel it should never be wasted.

Working at UncommonGoods, I’ve learned…
That although I don’t attend a lot of them, we have quite a bit of meetings.

Would you rather…invent a vaccine against procrastination, or against rudeness?
I would rather invent a vaccination for rudeness; as the old saying goes, “You can catch more flies with honey, than you can vinegar.”

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