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Uncommon Personalities: Meet Joel Villa

September 16, 2014

Joel Villa | UncommonGoods

Joel Villa, UncommonGoods Area Operations Manager
My hometown is…
More like a “homestate.” I grew up in a lot of small towns in Arizona, and a few in New Mexico, but I usually tell people I’m from Phoenix, Arizona.

I’m inspired by…
Creativity: Fashion. Art. Music.

My favorite process in the UncommonGoods warehouse is…
Gift Box – It requires all the care and speed of every other area with less heavy-lifting (which I get a good dose of in Scanning & Stacking, where I regularly work).

Describe your style…
My philosophy has always been: Fashion over function – you must look good always. Despite working in a physical, dirty job, I still enjoy dressing with eccentric, avant-garde, and eclectic panache. You never know when a Galliano or Wintour might pass you on the street or decide to tour the UG warehouse…

The #1 most played song on my iPod is…
I would imagine it’s some Broadway musical powerhouse number, probably “A New Life” from Jekyll and Hyde.

If you could throw the perfect party…
It would be some satirical affair, simply for a good laugh and photo-ops. I’ve often discussed planning one called “Sad Hour,” where table-for-one’s are set up, and only sad, depressing Adele-esque songs are played, with a mandatory high society dress code; mingling is optional.

If I could learn anything, it would be…
It seems simple enough if it weren’t for my procrastination, but I’ve always wanted to learn guitar and piano.

Would you rather… wear the same outfit for a year, OR listen to no music for a year?
There is no way I could go without music for a year. Wearing the same outfit for a year sounds like a fun and challenging project, involving how-to blogging, insta-tracking, accessorizing, and lots of creativity. I might just do it now!

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