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Uncommon Personalities: Meet Jonathan Medina

November 18, 2013

Jonathan Medina

Jonathan Medina, UncommonGoods Security Engineer
My home town is……
Brooklyn, NY

I’m passionate about……
Innovative technology advances and the open source community.

I’m inspired by……
The open source and scientific community as well as anyone who has ever made a mistake while trying to succeed.

My guilty pleasure is……
Ordering more food than I can eat at a restaurant so I can take it home and eat it later.

The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen is…
Autonomous drones the size of a small birds. We are a few years away from have fully autonomous robots in our everyday lives.

An uncommon fact about me……
I can juggle.

Since working at UncommonGoods I’ve learned……
How to make more with less waste.

Would you rather…… use off-the-shelf computer software and hardware without modifying it for a year, or never again play ping pong with your teammates (or anyone else)?
I would be able to give up ping pong to modify something.

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