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Uncommon Personalities: Meet Danny Melendez

August 23, 2013
UncommonGoods Inbound Ops Supervisor Danny Melendez
Danny Melendez, UncommonGoods Inbound Warehouse Supervisor

My hometown is…
Queens, NY

My favorite process in the UncommonGoods warehouse is…
Large Packing, one of our shipping processes. It involves packing shipments of varying quantities and sizes. It was my first role at UncommonGoods and I enjoyed the speed and challenge. I don’t pack regularly now, but I will occasionally hop on the line to show that I still got it.

I’m inspired by…
A strong work ethic. I always need to work hard and succeed in what I am doing.

My first purchased uncommon good was…
Nest Egg Necklace (for my girlfriend’s mom).

An uncommon fact about me…
I used to work for the Big Apple Circus.

When I’m not working, I’m probably…
Watching Cartoons.

The word that best describes me…

Working at UncommonGoods, I’ve learned…
How to use Excel, project management, and putting reports together.

Would you rather … Watch Star Wars Episode I 20 times in a row OR give up all of your Star Wars minis? (Yes, we know about your collection!)
Definitely would not give up the minis. So I would stomach watching Episode I 20 times.

Danny Melendez is a Supervisor in UncommonGoods' Inbound department. He likes working for UncommonGoods because of the high energy and strong team aesthetic. As anyone in Inbound can tell you, Danny is a big fan of the New York Giants, the New York Mets, and Star Wars. He vocalizes it often.

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