6 DIY Projects For Your Home Sweet Home

August 8, 2013

I recently moved into an adorable brownstone in Brooklyn, and as much as I love my faux fireplace against a brick wall and my fabulous French double doors, I admit that my white walls are currently screaming for attention and my shelves are yearning for some sweet, sweet lovin’. Before I moved back to NYC, I was traveling for a few years and I never got a real chance to make my home a real home that reflected my personality while living abroad. This was due to the fact that I was either stuck inside a tiny chambre de bonne in Paris or my toilet was less than a foot away from my shower-head in South Korea. (Yes, everything got wet whenever I showered. I still shudder when I think about it.) One of the reasons why I moved back to the states was because I wanted my love of home décor to go beyond the limits of the space of a shoe box, and to ignite my dying creative spirit through endless tribal-print toss pillows and painted mason jars. Now that I’m finally in a decent sized apartment, it’s time to tackle a few do-it-yourself projects to spruce up my living space and to finally cross out “Decorate my home to make the holy Martha Stewart jealous” off my bucket list. Below are my top 6 ideas I’ve found online (AKA: procrastinating on Pinterest) that I hope to complete before the end of summer. They’re fun, easy, and won’t break the bank!

Wine cork magnets

1. Wine Cork Magnets – For my severe love of red wine and DIY projects that take under 30 minutes to complete, these wine cork magnets made it to the very top of my list. I open my fridge every day, and even though half the time the inside is empty, at least these adorable wine corks will have me feeling quite sophisticated. (And okay with myself that the groceries weren’t done for the week.)

Painted Terra Cotta Pots

2. Painted Terra Cotta Pots – I love getting my hands nice and dirty with a new project. What better way to do that than getting paint and dirt all over? Lovely Indeed‘s painted terra cotta pots would look great hanging in my living room near the windows, and I adore the fact that I could mix up the colors and change the plants inside seasonally.

Geometric Print Curtians

3. Geometric Print Curtains – Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m semi-obsessed with geometric shapes and anything tribal-print. Maybe it’s just a quirky fact about myself or a problem that will result in an intervention, either way I will most definitely be making One Little Momma‘s awesome curtains. And PS- Potato-printing is, indeed, involved!

Tribal Print Storage Containers

4. Tribal-Print Storage Containers and Boxes – Since we’re on the subject of tribal prints, I might as well mention these next. I’m prone to collecting gadgets and gizmos of plenty (whosits and whatsits galore) and stashing them in the back of my closet or hiding it all under my bed only to be forgotten. Having Modernette‘s containers and boxes in tribal print not only makes the perfect excuse to keep all my treasures at a hand’s reach, but it also creates a funky bohemian display for my lonely shelves and fireplace mantel.

Chalk Board Serving Platter

5. Chalkboard Serving Platter – I know I was complaining about living in a tiny room in the City of Lights, but if there was one thing I got out of living in Paris for two years it was gaining an excellent knowledge of stinky cheese. These Wit & Whistle chalkboard serving platters would be perfect to show off my fromage skills the night I decide to play host for my future wine and cheese parties.

Decorative Power Cord

6. Decorative Power Cord – Power cords hate me, and as a result, I hate them. They tangle, they get dirty, they break, they’re inconvenient, they runaway from my outlets and play hide and seek for two days. But with the magical powers that washi tape beholds and tips from DesignLoveFest, I believe our hate-hate relationship can turn into a beautiful love-hate relationship.

 For more cool ideas, check out out our DIY Pinterest board!

*Editor’s note 8/4/2017: The folks over at Top Reveal recently sent us some more great do-it-yourself ideas. Check out Home DIY Projects Without Tools: Use Glue Not a Screw for more fun projects.

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