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How the Pancake Plate Can Get You a Valentine’s Date

January 25, 2012

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I asked Pancake Plate designer Jon Wye a few questions about his new dishware, which conveniently come packaged as a set of 2.

Jon posing with his mom

Me: What’s your favorite kind of pancake?

Jon: Uhhh, that’s like asking who is your favorite child. It’s hard to imagine you have a favorite, but you know you do. Mine is Banana pancakes, followed by banana chocolate chips pancakes, followed by banana chocolate chip blueberry pancakes. Little tip, don’t mix the banana slices in with the batter. Place them on the pancakes on the grill once the batter has been slightly set, so when you flip the pancakes it pan fries the bananas and they caramelize. It’s makes the pan really messy but it’s well worth it.

Me: Grade A or Grade B maple syrup?

Jon: Grade B syrup hands down. It’s actually got a stronger flavor and is a thicker syrup. Grade A is good, but it’s usually thinner and I think tends to soggy the pancake more quickly. And I definitely stay away from the cheap stuff, which is usually just flavored corn syrup.

Me: Could you recommend pancake etiquette for a date?

Jon: I think you mean pancake etiquette for the morning after! [Editor’s note: He’s single, ladies!] But simple answer, make the pancakes from scratch. That little extra bit of labor shows you care.

Me: And caring is the reason for the season.

Alright readers, can you help suggest a great pancake date for Valentine’s Day?

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