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Skip Lunch, Fight Hunger

May 10, 2011

We sometimes grumble about the same old lunch options around the UncommonGoods offices in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. You do too, right?

This week, we’re putting that back into perspective. We’re pretty lucky around here. We have plenty to eat, plenty of great restaurant choices, and there’s even a farmer’s market nearby, where we can pick up fresh fruit and produce every week.

But millions of New Yorkers are not so lucky. 1.5 million New Yorkers live below the poverty line. Many more can’t afford to buy good healthy food for their families, much less go out to eat. During the summertime, when many kids stop receiving subsidized school lunches, child hunger really becomes apparent.

We’re joining City Harvest’s Skip Lunch, Fight Hunger campaign on Wednesday, May 11. We’re donating the cost of a lunch at our favorite taco joint, neighborhood sandwich shop, or delicious pizzeria to City Harvest’s campaign to provide food for 300,000 children, women and men every week. Every $10 we raise can feed 43 children in New York City.

You can join us too; you can make a donation to our fund raising page, or select City Harvest at checkout every time you make a purchase.

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