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April 30, 2011

Sarah attributes her intellectual curiosity to her mom–a quality we’re glad she embraces as a member of our product development team! Since Sarah helps us come up with great new uncommon goods, we would like to thank her mama, Susan, for passing along the innovation gene!

Here’s a bit more about what makes Sarah’s mom great.

What’s one of your favorite memories with your mom?

After I graduated from college, my mom helped me make the 2,000 mile drive from my college in northern California to my hometown in south Texas, lugging all of my belongings with us. Since we both (well, mostly I) had a particular affinity for In-N-Out Burger, a California chain that doesn’t exist in my home state, we mapped out our route so as to maximize the number of In-N-Out Burgers we could stop at along the way. I’m glad my mom is open to adventure, and doesn’t mind being a little bit silly in mapping out the plan.

What valuable lessons have you learned from your mom that you couldn’t have learned without her?

I think that I’ve learned a lot about how to treat others just through observing my mom and the way that she interacts with people. My mom is very positive, and tries to see things from other people’s perspective, a formula for empathy that I try to emulate.

How are you and she alike? How are you different? What quality does your mom possess that you admire?

My mom is not a coffee drinker, and yet she somehow manages to have an excess of energy on a daily basis. I, on the other hand, am a coffee fiend, and find it hard to get going in the morning without my daily jolt of caffeine. My mom just seems to have an inherently driven and organized personality. These are definitely qualities that I admire, but ones that I don’t exercise without a little conscious effort (and a lot of coffee).

One way that I think I am similar to my mom is that I inherited her intellectual curiosity. I really enjoy having conversations with her, because, in addition to talking about family stuff, we can talk about history or current events, or the latest interesting article that one of us has read.

All in all, I’m grateful to have a very awesome mom!

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