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Last Days of Summer

September 7, 2011

The sun is still shining, the AC is still on, and we might be able squeeze in at least one more trip to the beach. No matter how you long you try to hold on to the lazy days of summer, it’s time to admit that the season is coming to a close. But don’t worry, before back to school bells ring and leaves start turning, there’s still time to have a little fun with these clever toys and activities for kids.

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Go back to school in DIY style with the Sneaker Customization Kit. The kit includes sneaker preparation wipes, paints, and a high-quality paint brush, so you can get fashionable and artistic. Need a little inspiration? Check out our Gift Lab to see how Cecil decorated his kicks.

Baseball is America’s summer pastime, so why not celebrate the end of summer with family ball game? The Buoy Bat is lightweight, has an extra large hitting surface, and comes with a soft, yet durable, ball.

Summer travel would be much more affordable if grown-up cars ran on water instead of gas. Fortunately, the Water Powered Vehicles Kit just might be more fun than a road trip!

One thing kids look forward to about back to school is getting to see classmates after summer vacation. The Friendship Bracelet Kit comes with clearly written instructions and is packed with 12 bundles of colorful yarn, enough to make perfect welcome back bracelets to let friends know they weren’t forgotten over break.

Origami Airplanes are a great end of summer activity, since constructing the 24 different designs for aviation at home can be a good reminder that paper planes are a no no in the classroom.

Before the official start of after school chess club, why not get in a few practice rounds at the beach? The Beach Chess and Checkers set includes a checkered board printed on a durable burlap sack and wooden pieces featuring nautical-themed chess images.

Solar-Powered Vehicles are a fun way to learn about solar cells in anticipation of the next science fair. Decide whether you want to build a helicopter, airplane, twin rotor helicopter, bulldozer, locomotive, or backhoe first, then use the special solar panel to generate electricity and get your vehicle going!

A breezy summer day at the park is the perfect match for the Design Your Own Box Kite Kit. The kit includes a functional box kite, glitter glue, and fabric paint. If a traditional diamond kite is more your style, the High Art Kite Ashley tested is sure to provide high-flying fun.

Show-and-tell is right around the corner, but deciding whether to show off your remote control toy or 3D puzzle, or tell about the cool craft project accomplished this summer is a tough choice. Why not build a Remote Control T-Rex and cover all three?

Looking to get those thinking muscles back to work before homework assignments start filling the take-home folder? Connor’s Kits for Kids are a great way to encourage educational fun. Seneca and 9-year-old Staccato had a blast trying out the Crystal Explosion Kit.

Want more ideas for end of summer fun that will last well into autumn and beyond? Check out our assortment of great gifts for kids.

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