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July 7, 2010



Once a cute little puppy comes into your life, you’re a dog person forever. No product (custom collars), service (doggy spa) or surgery (perhaps they ate an entire bag of gelt…yes, it happened) seems ludicrous when you think of a dog as your best friend instead of your pet. That’s why when I saw the latest UG item — dog blueprints— it wasn’t a luxury, but a necessity. With over 30 breeds to choose from (and more to come!) you can hang the blueprint of your Pomeranian, Boxer or Springer Spaniel on your wall for all to admire.

And in the case of a mutt like Napoleon (adorable dog seen above), you might have to get more than one to show your dog’s roots.  What’s the greatest thing about your best friend? Tell us about your pooch below.

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