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10 Gift Picks for the Uncommon Traveler

December 6, 2010

When I think of this time of the year, the first thing that comes to my mind is travel. Whether going to visit family and friends, or hoping to escape the cold just for a bit, here are the top ten items we wouldn’t want you to travel without.

Picked by Jen Grim, Customer Service Manager

1. Convertible tote

If you only have room to pack one bag, pack this one. You can go from shopping in the bazaar to a fancy dinner with just one bag.

2. Bike Tube Travel Dopp Kit

This is ideal because it’s waterproof and holds a lot of toiletries. I wish I had this when I went camping in Africa and dropped my old, non-waterproof dopp kit in the shower.

3. Juice Box Wallet

Great place to hold your travel documents, passport (remember to have a color copy of your passport located in a separate bag!), money, coins, cards, and travel brochures

4. Wooden keychain speaker

I recently used this while kayaking in Baja. We had no electricity for 5 days but we had music!

5. Diana Camera

Take some really interesting photos of the places you visit.

6. Go Clean Set

Being adventurous can be a dirty job.

7. Dream Sack

You never really know when those hotel sheets were washed (though we all hope it was today), so bring your own! I’ve used this for local home-stays, hostels, motels, hotels, and camping.

8. Red Hot Mama Pill Case

Why take bottles of pills when you can just bring what you need?

9. Wallet Pen

Small enough to fit in your wallet. A lifesaver when you have to fill out immigration forms on the airplane before you land.

10. Luggage tags

Funny and makes identifying your luggage in a busy airport super easy.

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